How To Become A Pro Player In Garena Free Fire

Playing and surviving inside the Arena battleground was always considered challenging. Because the pro players can easily detect and eliminate the other gamers inside the game. If you’re playing skills are weak then here we present the best techniques of Pro Players in Garena Free Fire.

When we explore the highest FPS gaming collection for Android smartphones. Then we found Garena Free Fire among the best action gaming apps. Although playing and participating process inside the battleground seems simpler.

But when it comes to survivability against pro gamers. Then with weak playing skills, it is considered impossible to sustain and survive inside the arena. Sometimes an apparently good player maybe actually use tools and tricks like Regedit.

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What Are Pro Players In Garena Free Fire

Pro Players in Garena Free Fire are those who are good at playing games and got the skill to eliminate whole squads. To become a pro gamer inside gameplay require lots of practice and other resources. Such as fast internet connectivity, the latest smartphones and more.

When we reach the online market and explore action games. Then we found a market flooded with different gameplays. The most trending games are royale battles. Where the different gamers are dumbed inside a battleground.

Among those players, who are succeeding to push harder and become the only survivor will be declared the winner. Though for outer fans the process seems interesting and easy. But in reality, surviving inside the battle arena was truly difficult.

Because the battleground is dumbed with multiple pro gamers. Who are good at playing and getting techniques to eliminate other gamers. Remember playing a game smoothly requires multiple resources. These are High Tech smartphones, skills, Smooth Internet, and Tricks.

Today inside this review we’ll try to explain the top most used tricks by gamers. To smoother playing experience and enjoy a fair battle fight with other players. Although conducting research and finding fruitful information was never easy to process.

But considering the fan’s request, we are successful in gathering fruitful information. Which is good in terms of play and requires no subscription. All the provided information here will be considered authentic and fruitful.

As we mentioned earlier, apart from reachable resources. Playing experience matters a lot and to become a pro gamer requires lots of knowledge about tricks. Here inside this article, we’ll share some of the best tips and tricks.

Following those guidelines will not only improve the gaming experience. But it will also assist in playing style, and skill and avoid damage. Here we’ll also mention some of the best Pro Players in Garena Free Fire who are popular due to their unique tricks.

TSH Jash

This FF Gamer is famous for playing technically and smartly. Even due to good playing performance and style, the players were already invited to multiple tournaments. Moreover, the squad was successful in winning the titles.

When checking the gaming style and tricks. Then we found the gamer is famous for taking direct headshots, victories, and KD ratios. To make a direct head hit, the expert always recommends the others to practice a lot and join random squads.

NA Player

This gamer is always known by the name of nayeem. He belongs to India and got the skill to swipe whole squads using unique tricks and skills. The gamer has already joined multiple squad teams and participated in tournaments.

The player is famous for fast spray and well reflect instincts. Locating enemy locations inside the battleground is considered difficult. But for this player, it is very simple and the best tip he offered is to try to increase screen visibility by improvising mistakes and increasing screen brightness.

Rakesh00007 Hunter

When we reached the best player online list then found hunter among the best action gamer. Most of the previous players are famous because of their unique talent. But this player is famous for a rush game and great kills.

To increase the kill to death ratio, the expert suggests other players hold and modify controls accordingly. If any gamer is unsuccessful in holding the device smoothly. Then he/she may end up declared dead.

S Sarkar

If you love learning about close combat fight with great spray. Then we recommend those gamers follow S Sarkar and learn his technique. Though he is also popular for taking direct headshots and killing opponents with great accuracy.

To make the close combat more efficient and smooth. The players are requested to adjust controls from the setting and manage the gyro to make the movement faster. Remember that sensitivity also plays a key role in lowering damage.


If we are about to conclude the list and ignore Raistar then it will not be fair. Because Raistar is counted among the most popular and famous FF killers. If check the KD ratio of pro gamers then found him lethal for other participants.

The best trick he used was while playing the game was island first and killing the opponent at the same time. Moreover, improve the skill of playing joining random games in different modes. The more gamers are successful in gaining knowledge about handling, the less problem they’ll face.


Remember here we try our best to mention some of the best pro players and their techniques. Learning these techniques will make sure to improve playing style and skill. If you’re ready to count your name among Pro Players in Garena Free Fire then implement mentioned techniques.

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