How Different Are Casino Games In Terms Of Their Odds?

From the financial perspective, gambling entertainment has 2 main variables: return-to-player rate and house edge. If combined, they form a 100% amount of deposited funds. All players want to earn as much as possible, but this would eliminate the essence of the gambling business itself.

Win&Win casino software, for example, is built in a way to allow some punters to win more and others less than they deposited. Therefore, it is essential to shape up a gambling library in a way to appeal to players and keep profit running. The combination of different games makes it possible to satisfy punters’ thirst for winning and incentivize them to come for more.

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Popular Gambling Activities And Their Odds

All casino games can be divided into skill- and luck-based entertainment. The first group implies a major influence of the player on the participation process. Meanwhile, punters have no impact on games based on luck.

Skill-oriented activities do not rely on players’ mastery entirely. There is still an impact of coincidence that is decisive in the final result. In land-based casinos, it is introduced by croupiers or programming influence. In Win-Win casino games on the Web, reliable random number generator software provides this effect.

Let us see how different the odds are at popular gambling entertainment.


Return to player rate: 99%.

The RTP of a popular card game is one of the highest among available entertainment. The odds of winning during a session of blackjack is 49%. It implies that in less than half of the instances, a punter is going to end up victorious. Casino establishments yield minor benefits from this amusement. At the same time, quick gameplay makes entertainment profitable in the long run.


Return to player rate: 98%.

This is another activity with a substantial chance to get the bet back. The odds of winning over the establishment equal 49% as well. The profitability scenario is common to blackjack. Fast participation pace allows the gambling venue to receive minimal advantage that accumulates into substantial earnings over time.


Return to player rate: 98%.

There is no sole probability of winning here as punters can choose different inside bets:

  1. Straight — a single number, 3%.
  2. Split — two adjacent numbers, 6%.
  3. Street — three numbers on a single vertical line, 8%.
  4. Corner — four numbers within an adjacent square, 11%.
  5. Double street — two adjacent vertical lines, 16%.
  6. Low or high — numbers 1 to 18, or 19 to 36, 48%.
  7. Red or black — two different colours, 48%
  8. Even or odd — multiplicity does not count the zero, 48%
  9. Dozens — the first, second, or third square of 12 numbers, 32%.
  10. Columns — one of three 12-number columns, 32%.

Wheel Of Fortune

Return to player: 75%.

Spinning a big wheel can be enjoyable. The odds of winning though are not. According to the statistics, a player comes victorious in 26% of instances. It does not stop gamblers from confronting their luck. The advantage for a gaming venue is substantial — a high margin from the activity allows making the participation process longer for a better impression on punters.

Slot Machines

Return to player: 88%.

This is the most beloved gambling activity of all time. Its simplicity and quick pace are a good advantage of the house, so operators usually provide different bonuses, free spins, and prizes to incentivise players even more. The probability of getting a jackpot is minute (on average, 1 in 75,000,000).

Software Integration

Regardless of whether an operator assembles a ground casino or a gambling site, the majority of activities are based on up-to-date programming support. Even dealer-oriented games can be configured to use corresponding software.

The Win&Win Casino aggregator offers quality products with the best odds for operators that will also allow keeping punters satisfied during the participation process.

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