How To Get Better At CS:GO?

Are you having trouble increasing your rank? Or maybe you’re just frustrated because you somehow find yourself getting immediately noscoped while your K/D ratio is getting less and less impressive? You probably aren’t using certain tricks which all pro-players employ on an everyday basis. Check out this short list of tips that can immediately give you an edge on the battlefield.

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Proper Equipment

If you mean business, a proper setup can make a massive difference from the get-go. Make sure you’re using a mouse which doesn’t feel awkward in your palm. Aiming is crucial in CS:GO, so you need to be as precise as possible, and it isn’t easy to achieve that without a quality gaming mouse. Additionally, you’ll need a mousepad that doesn’t restrict your movements. In this case, a big and smooth one will do the trick.

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but sound also plays an important role in CS:GO. A good quality headset will allow you to effectively communicate with the team and help you hear the sounds of incoming enemy players.

Adjust The Settings

It’s a good idea to play around with the settings to make sure nothing is working against you. You could try lowering your mouse’s sensitivity to achieve better precision – but that’s a matter of personal preference. When it comes to sound, you should make sure your chat volume is lower than the volume of the environment – the sound of the enemy’s footsteps shouldn’t drown in your team’s chatter.

Try modifying your video settings – reducing the aspect ratio and screen resolution should provide you with a view that is concentrated on the screen center. To further improve your view, you might want to try the CS:GO viewmodel generator which will allow you to modify how the weapon you’re holding appears on the screen. You should also choose a crosshair that you feel the most comfortable with while aiming.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Nothing good will come of your attempts to get better if you won’t actively practice playing the game. CS:GO pros spend mind boggling numbers of hours trying to learn the map layouts by heart. This also includes callouts – code words for every location on the map that you can use to quickly communicate with your team.

The best way to train against real players is in the deathmatch mode. The respawn is immediate and there are no farfetched goals for you to worry about. You can focus on training your aim and movement to master each map individually. There are also maps specifically created to train your aim – they can easily be found on steam workshops.

CS:GO is a team-based game, so playing alone will only get you so far. Try finding a group of players you can regularly practice with – this way, you will be able to improve your cooperation and communication skills which are crucial if you are adamant about raising your rank.

Battle Economy

An aspect of the game often ignored by new players is the in-game economy. You should always be careful about what kind of gear you buy and when, as to avoid finding yourself without funds and ammo midway through a match.

Keep in mind that the weapons differ in terms of the amount of cash they bring you with each successful kill. You should also avoid wasting funds on gear you’re not that experienced with. Throwing a grenade is fun, but if you’re serious about getting better, you should make sure you use it well and don’t waste precious money.

Learn From The Best

A good way of increasing your knowledge of the game is watching professional CS:GO players on streaming platforms such as Twitch. Apart from analysing their matches, you can easily get some masterful insights from people who spent thousands of hours honing and perfecting their skills. You can use the experience of others to improve your own tactics to apply later in-game.

In The End

Learning to play CS:GO isn’t exactly hard, but mastering it definitely is. It’s a long road, but nothing is impossible if you commit yourself to regular training and actively searching for ways to improve your in-game performance.

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