How To Sell Skins And Avoid Fraud?

When it comes to online trading, especially if it is p2p trading, there is always a high risk of fraud. It is either about losing money or items, as you never can guarantee the items you claimed from another player will reach you after money is paid and vice versa. Although Steam has managed to provide support for players that have suffered from fraud and make effort to return at least items and skins the issue still arises.

Actually, the best way to avoid any risk of fraud is to deal with reputable website verified by Steam and operating long enough to be ensured they are not going to fade away with your skins or money. Below you will find a couple of hints you can use to avoid dealing with scammers.

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Dealing With Stores

If you deal with the store there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to make sure the store is worth trusty. And below you can see the list and recommendation on those.

Check the Domain

It is always better to deal with the older service that with the one that has appeared a week ago. So check the domain using any whois service and make sure the site remains at least couple of months.

Look for Reviews

Look for reviews of the corresponding website. Yes, we all know that some websites can post fake reviews, however, that it is what all reviews websites are fighting against, so if there is a positive balance when it comes to negative and positive reviews it is likely you can deal with the service.

Check the Design

The design is a must to pay attention to. The thing is that if the website has a poor design it is likely you are dealing with a scam – there is no need to make a good web design for a website which is going to spoil its reputation with fraud. Usually, fair services invest in design as they need to retain sellers and buyers and make the website more user-friendly.

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Check Payment Policies

Most of the reputable websites have implemented automatic payment and fixed prices for the items and skins. That means that you can see the price you can sell and buy an item for and can get funds on your account immediately. There is no need for such a service to implement manual payment especially considering that many items cost less than a dollar.

Selling Skins – Conclusion

To conclude, when you consider whether the website is the scam you should look at the factors as well like:

  • presence of contacts page,
  • 24/7 support,
  • a wide variety of withdrawal options.

If you make a checklist from the points given above there is a less chance for you to be scammed.

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