How To Stay Safe When Playing On Online Casinos

For many players, the most important part of the online casino experience is how much they win. However, your true winnings aren’t just what accumulated from playing great hands at online poker or getting lucky on the slots.

Your true winnings are how much you get to keep – so staying safe and secure should always be your top priority. When watching a movie, you knew the hero wasn’t safe with their cash until they’d safely left the casino, made it through the car park, and driven home.

When gambling online, your winnings aren’t until you’ve avoided the cybercriminals, online scammers – and dodgy casinos – and put it safely in your account. With all that in mind, this article shares the best way of keeping your funds and priority private information secure when gambling online.

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Only Gamble On Your Own Device

It might sound simple, but one of the most effective ways to stay safe when gambling online is to only use your own device. First and foremost, never gamble on a public computer, like in an internet café, airport, or library. You have no way of knowing what kind of malware has crept onto the machine that could put your personal information at risk.

As we’ll explore below, there are several programs and tools that maximize your device’s security while you gamble online. But you need to be in control of the device to install and configure them properly – so only use your own computer, phone, or tablet.

Install Up-To-Date Antivirus Software

Now, when it comes to apps and tools for safely gambling online, the latest antivirus software should be top of the list. I mean, it’s a great practice to have reliable antivirus software you’re your device anyway, but especially when ambling online.

This is because online casinos are often targeted by cybercriminals, as their visitors are guaranteed to be depositing to withdrawing decent chunks of cash and crypto. Consequently, a favorite tactic of scammers is to install key-logging malware on your machine – that can grant them access to your personal info and allow them to steal your funds.

Good antivirus software will catch such malware and similar viruses before they can infect your device. That being said, it’s important to choose a good antivirus program, and not just rely on a free one that offers limited protection. Antivirus programs with a good reputation amongst online casino players include Norton, McAfee, and Bitdefender.

Go With A Crypto Casino

One of the best innovations to come out of the crypto boom of the last five years or so is crypto casinos. These are online casino sites that allow players to gamble online with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and even Dogecoin! Crypto casinos offer the distinct benefit of being accessible by players from anywhere in the world. They also offer the advantages of lower transaction and quicker withdrawals – so no more waiting days to withdraw your winnings.

This guide to the best crypto casinos on Crypto Casino Master is an excellent place to start, as they’ve compiled a list of the best sites based on security, reputation, having a valid license, and welcome bonus.

Choose A Good Crypto Wallet And Protect Your Keys

In connection to the above point, if you decide to try a crypto casino, you’ll need a good crypto wallet to hold your funds. A crypto wallet is a simple app (or small piece of hardware) that holds your crypto coins and allows you to make transactions. A popular and free choice, amongst crypto gamblers, is Metamask.

Also, be very careful with your wallet’s public and private keys, which you’ll need to send crypto to and from your casino account. Keep them in a password-locked file and never share your private key with anyone, as someone only needs your public key to send you funds.

Create A Separate Email Address

Another small, but effective measure for safely gambling online is to create a new email address when registering for casino accounts. That way, if a casino you visit is victim to a hack, your main email account, which contains lots of other sensitive information, won’t be compromised.

Set Strong Passwords

When you sign up with an online casino, choose a strong, unique password. And when we say unique – we don’t mean the same “unique” password that you use for everything else – we mean an entirely new password. It needs to contain a mix of upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, and other characters. Additionally, if you play on multiple sites, pick a new password for each one.

Make Sure The Casino Site Is Secure

To play on an online casino, you have to both provide personal information and deposit funds, so the site must be secure. The first way to determine this is to see if it has a valid SSL certificate, i.e., if it uses encrypted HTTPS instead of regular HTTP.

This is represented by a padlock next to the casino’s web address. Also, look out for things like powerful password encryption and two-factor authentication, as they demonstrate that security is a priority for the casino site.

Read The Terms And Conditions

Look, we totally get it, reading a site’s “T’s and C’s” isn’t that interesting. But giving them a quick glance over could help you keep more money – and we’re willing to gamble you’re interested in that!

Reading the casino’s fine print lets you know where you stand with limits, fees, withdrawal times, and bonuses. That way, you’re not caught by surprise when you’re unable to withdraw your winnings because you haven’t met the bonus wagering requirement. Or, better yet, you’re not panicking when a day has passed and the winnings you withdrew haven’t hit your account!

When you follow the advice laid out above, it’ll be next to impossible for you to get hacked, have your private information compromised, or have your hard-earned winnings stolen. By investing a little time into putting these security measures in place, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite online casino games with greater peace of mind.

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