Edgar Allan Poe Turns 208 And We Celebrate That With iPoe

Edgar Allan Poe is woven into the very fabric of western culture, and even those who have not read him, know of him and what he represents. Now even more so with the iPoe Collection gaining popularity. To many, he is the master of macabre, the figurehead of the gothic, the wizard of things wicked.

Born in 1809, he went on to become America’s first writer of international acclaim and recognition that has been intergenerational. Indeed, Poe left an indelible impact on the popular imagination, on art and cinema, on literature and music.

To celebrate the 208th birthday of the master of macabre, iClassics Productions has slashed the prices of their apps in what has become their most successful and landmark iClassic, the iPoe Collection.

E.A. Poe is held close to the heart of iClassics Productions, and they even have a cat that looks somewhat like Pluto (Poe’s cat). And the love and passion they have for E.A. Poe is reflected in their groundbreaking work.

[pullquote]Poe’s classics are transformed into artistic, interactive, and animated experiences, all complete with sound effects and an original musical soundtrack, which is recorded for each and every story.[/pullquote]

The sheer production quality is mesmerizing, and it is clear that such would not have been possible without an incredibly gifted team working behind the project, with all members clearly having a shared passion for this master of American letters.

Navigate through the dark world of Poe, through cats and skulls and crows, and be literally immersed in the realm of the macabre. Many parts of the experience are shocking, while others are eerie and atmospheric. What is constant is how artistic all of the illustration is, and how polished the animations are, and how seamless and intuitive the interactivity is. Moreover, the texts within each app are available in English, Spanish and French, which can be changed at any point during the reading.

Usually, $4.99, all apps within the iPoe Collection are now available for only $1.99 and is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. This promotion ends on Sunday, January 22 so you better hurry.

The iPoe Collection currently consists of iPoe Vol.1, 2 and 3. It is now considered the blueprint in the emerging “immersive reading” sector, with extremely positive reviews (mostly 5 stars), and a breadth of recognition across multiple platforms:

  • Editor’s Choice Award of Children’s Technology Review 2013
  • Best Fiction App at the Publishing Innovation Awards 2012
  • #1 Book in Spain, Mexico, France, Belgium, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ecuador, Czech Republic and Belize.
  • #1 App in Overlapps.com
  • iPoe is of such high quality that it underscores the strength of Poe’s material.” -padgadget.com
  • This is Poe the way he should be presented to new audiences: haunting, cautionary, and brilliant.” -technologytell.com

iClassics Productions recognizes the continued importance of Edgar Allan Poe, and of the horror genre, more generally. And it is for this reason that they have created three apps dedicated solely to Poe, himself.

Edgar Allan Poe, more than any other horror writer, addressed the difficult but inescapable subject matter of evil with such cold honesty and poetic precision that he shocked many readers at the time of his writing, having been extremely ahead of his time in terms of bluntness and style. Consider the quote below:

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” -Edgar Allan Poe

And with the iPoe Collection, iClassics Productions casts a modern light upon the unabridged texts of this American master of letters.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on the apps from the iPoe Collection for only $1.99 per app!

The iPoe Collection is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon. Ends Sunday, January 22. Find out more about the iPoe Collection at the official iPoe Collection website.

Edgar Allan Poe – iPoe Collection App

iPoe Classic Collection App Review

iPoe Classic Collection App Review

iPoe Classic Collection App Review

iPoe Classic Collection App Review

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