Is An Angry Birds Peace Treaty Underway?

For those of you who like playing games using your mobile device while you are waiting for a meeting to start or while waiting for your friends, you’ve probably already come across the famous Angry Birds game. The game is so popular that it is now available on different mobile platforms, not just the iPhone. And as of October 2010, Angry Birds is one of the most downloaded game applications this year. The reason is that it is truly an addictive, fun and challenging game that can keep anyone glued to it for hours on end. I had my brother and sister play the game on my iPhone, and now they are hooked too. They rarely play any games using their mobile devices.

With over 11 million downloads on iTunes, it is no wonder that a very funny parody was created to see if the angry birds can come to a peaceful agreement with the green pigs. This video on YouTube has now gotten 621,750 views (at time of post) and that is after only a day of being posted! What is the big fuss over the Angry Birds game application? As I mentioned, it is a truly challenging game to play with lots of levels that you need to finish in order to get to the second phase. You need to do a lot of calculating and your aiming skills must be pretty accurate. So did this peace treaty push through? You got to check out the video and see for yourself. For those of you who have been playing the game, I think you will enjoy it as much as I do. For those of you who have not played the game yet, try the free app and feel the stress melt away!