Lady Gaga Celebrates Becoming The Queen Of Twitter

Ya know how sometimes you get in the mood to write about those things in life that really don’t matter to anyone? Yeah… that’s the kind of mood I’m in so here goes.

We all know by now that two days ago Lada Gaga overtook Britney Spears and became the person on Twitter with the most followers (5.7 million). However, they are only about 50,000 followers apart, and in normal people world, that’s almost tied.

As intellectually fascinating as this may be, Lady Gaga becoming number one on Twitter is not what this article is about. This article is about the crazy as hell video she posted on YouTube about it. Wth??? I think it would be safer for my son to watch old Ozzy Osbourne videos than this. I guess that is why she is so successful. All I can say is… omg…