Things You Need To Look Out For When Scouting A Location For Your Movie

Having a script which you’re impressive of, one that narrates a great story and characters that your audience will relate to, you will understand you have a victor right away. So you’re set to run out, find few actors who perform your script well and start shooting. Location in movie shooting may make all the distinction between a comprehensive film that assists your characters and your scenes shine, & one that falls a bit flat.

Your location establishes the mood for your movie scenes. For numerous moviemakers, it’s thought to be the most essential character in your movie. Picking the ideal location for your shoot may sometimes be a long, daunting & laborious process. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry so much because we the SoFlo Studio presents you with a few of the things you need to consider when scouting a location for your movie.

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1. Think About Amenities

Does your picked location have resorted or other accommodations nearby? If not, you’ll need to think about how long your location shooting will take. In case it’s going to be multiple weeks or even months, at that time you will require to get a place having reasonable to decent accommodations. You won’t want your crew becoming irritated when they can’t get a bath for days on end.

2. Ensure That The Location Is Accessible

There isn’t substantial importance in choosing a location that is tough to access. The tougher a location is to reach, the more expensive it will be in your crew & it will consume into your funds. In case the shooting calls from a remote location, then by all means, attach this to your budget, however, only do that when you definitely must. Ensure that there will be enough parking area for your whole crew & the trucks which will be bringing in all the needed equipment.

3. Ensure The Location Has Power

Given that you can’t access electrical outlets, then you’ll require transportable generators to power most of your gear. It has occurred more than once where shootings have come to a stop due to someone forgetting to find out if there was power, & didn’t have the best generators, or sufficient for them, for all the shooting’s needs.

4. Pay Attention To The Local People

Is your movie going to disturb the community around? The last thing you would want to see is you are disrupting people’s lives, although sometimes it’s almost unlikely in this day & age. You’re not going to satisfy everybody, however, the more interfering your shooting will become, the more annoyed the locals will be & in turn, you can find that your movie will run into more difficulty than you can handle.

Be responsive to some demands or changes from the local community. In case you must shoot some scenes during the night, you won’t want to do intense scenes in the wee time of the morning, particularly amid the weekdays. Mind your surroundings.


All in all, your location does not only has to accommodate your script but additionally has to satisfy your crew. It may be a fine line, however, the more you look around, the more you will understand that there are some incredible locations ready for your shooting. By considering the above factors when scouting a location for your movie, you will be in the right direction towards a successful shoot.

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