Modern Ticketing Platforms For Event Organizers

When you are planning an event, you want everything to be perfect and smooth. However, the biggest challenge as an event organizer is selling off tickets for your event. To entice people to go into your event, you need to exert more effort than others.

Especially when you are also handling design and caterers. The good thing is there are a lot of platforms you can use to make your life easier. With the help of event management platforms, it is designed to make the event planning process smooth. Offering different tools that answer multiple problems within event management combine in one product.

Most of the event organizers use this product to plan and manage their event from the start until the end. These platforms usually offer a different kind of helping tools such as registration and ticketing software, event marketing, and event planning. Some companies widen their area of expertise by providing a tool to offer a minimal solution like mobile event apps and conference software.

Here is some modern ticketing platform that every event organizer must check out. These tools will save you a lot of time and help you increase your ticket sales in the future.

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This modern ticketing platform eliminates the use of paperwork and the countless number of spreadsheets to track the number of attendees to your event. What’s good about the Cvent system is that it is completely customizable.

You can arrange it based on how you want to accommodate your event, depending on the complexity and size. This system also offers in-person and virtual event solutions to make up for venue selection, email marketing, and online event registration. Providing an easy to use a technology solution to help utilize the impact of person to person, virtual meetings, and events of all types.


It is a ticketing platform that helps organizers with their event and assists in selling tickets online. You can use Eventbrite for different occasions like workshops, concerts, and different festivals. Any events that come from all shapes and sizes. Eventbrite’s mission is to bring the world together.

That’s why it offers easy access, which can be done through mobile apps or online that range from registration and ticketing to fully operational event management platforms. Ticket sales can be managed online through a website or linked with social media planners to assess attendance and sales. It also helps the organizer create an invitation and RSVP tracking.

Despite its advantages, you cannot fully customize the use of this tool compared to other software available. If you are looking for other options, there are other Eventbrite alternatives you can try, such as ePly and Soapbox Engage. Keep in mind that having these kinds of tools is an important investment, and can help you generate more tickets to your event in return.


Weezevent is an innovative self-service ticketing platform aimed at event organizers of all types and sizes, with a complete range of functionalities to create and customize tickets, registration forms, set the price and number of available seats, and sell them online.

As for the management of access during the event, Weezevent offers a secure and efficient access control solution. Organizers can scan tickets and track access progress in real-time, allowing them to manage visitor flows and avoid fraud. Weezevent also offers promotional and communication tools to help organizers reach their target audience and increase the visibility of their events.

Finally, Weezevent distinguishes itself by its transparent pricing, with no setup fees or monthly subscriptions. Organizers only pay a commission on each ticket sold, which makes the solution accessible to all budgets. Weezevent offers very advanced and customizable functionalities to meet all of an event organizer’s online ticketing needs. It’s a reliable, versatile solution with a user-centered approach.


This modern ticketing software empowers the organizer to be better in handling situations like managing the overall event, marketing, and ensuring professionalism. This tool enables marketers to change meetings and events into a good and successful lead. It has access to over 1,900 plus apps and tools such as Salesforce, Marketo, and Hubspot that integrate with one another to create a smooth transfer of events data that enables us to measure business progress and even provide insights to the sales and marketing team.

With its capability to integrate with the most popular and most used business systems, it gives the company a more efficient event organizer that benefits both parties. With all the given information in a single software, organizers or marketers have more time to see all teams working together and spend less time on the day to day activities.


This ticketing platform is a self-service ticketing tool that helps organizers to ensure customers have a smooth registration process and selling of tickets for their event. Its goal is to make online registration and ticketing an easy and smooth experience for organizers and create a link between enthusiasts and organizers.

Townscript is available in twenty-seven countries and used by countries like Canada, Singapore, and the United States of America. What’s good about Townscript is they have an online do it yourself event ticketing and registration platform to avoid any hassles in regards to event size or type. They also support all kinds of virtual events like panel discussions, webinars, talk shows, and even entertainment events and concerts.

Knowing all these modern ticketing platforms is important as it will determine which one will help you the most and gives you the features you will need and want for your event. Features are also vital in making your final decision. It is important to consider the one that will reduce all costs and ensure a smooth transaction.

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