Mother Nature Designs A Freakishly Cool Creature

This little guy is supposed to be a Blue Dragon Nudibranch, the Sea Swallow, or as some say, a Blue Sea Slug. I am not sure of its origin or scientific name, but isn’t this is the coolest freak of nature you have ever laid eyes on? The Nudibranch has such rich color, vibrancy and a beautiful shape.

An industrial designer for the entertainment industry could be inspired to form a unique and creative film character! Creative people often give out the advice to turn to nature for inspiration, and this little guy will not bore you. Take a look at the vibrant hues of blues and shimmering silver.

The Nudibranch are said to spend their lives floating in the oceans around Australia and New Zealand. Carly B., who writes for The Featured Creature, says “They feed on the poisonous Man of War Jellyfish, collecting the animal’s toxins and storing them in little sacs on the end of their feather-like ‘fingers.’ The Blue Dragon can produce a much more powerful and deadly sting than the Man of War due to its ability to store the poison.”

It is no wonder that something so beautifully intoxicating to the eyes would be so deadly venomous to the touch. The beauty of nature can suck us right in only to reward our curious fingers with a fiery sting like a dragon. I guess the guys holding them while alive are taking their chances.

floating handheld sea creature

Blue Dragon Nudibranch Creature

Image Credits: [The Feature Creature] [Red Bubble] [ryusoku]