Musicians Wanted Experience Not Necessary!

Here is another reason why I love my Mac. It had this very cool application/tool called the  GarageBand that turns your Mac into a full-featured recording studio.  Amazing way to create sounds and now you can even create your own ringtone.  How cool is that?   But what’s New with Garage Band ’09? GarageBand ’09 introduces Basic Lessons: the easiest way to learn piano and guitar, right on your Mac. Follow along at your own pace with interactive lessons that teach you the fundamentals through HD video instruction, synchronized notation, and animated onscreen instruments.   Play your way through a series of nine piano or guitar lessons that get you ready to play an entire song. Learn by repetition. Slow things down or repeat any part to get it right. Basic Lessons give you complete control over how you learn. And when you’re more comfortable, you can practice your new skills with a complete backing band.

Artist Lessons

Sure, music video games are fun. But nothing is more authentic than learning to play a real song on a real instrument. And who better to teach you that song than the artist who made it famous? Introducing Artist Lessons in GarageBand ’09 (sold separately). Have Sting teach you how to play “Roxanne,” Colbie Caillat teach you how to play “Bubbly,” Fall Out Boy teach you how to play “I Don’t Care,” and many more. Browse, preview, and purchase Artist Lessons from the Lesson Store inside GarageBand. Then get step-by-step instructions for chords, finger positions, and techniques from the people who know your favorite songs best.

Play along with your artist/instructor or take your skills to the next level and jam with the original band. You can even select and listen to individual instruments from multitrack recordings available only on GarageBand. Want to hear what Sting’s guitar sounds like on its own? Think you’re ready to sit in for Colbie Caillat? Artist Lessons let you control the mix and instrumentation, so you can hear or play whatever you want — even slow things down to make learning easier.

Artist Lessons also give you something you won’t find anywhere else: the story behind the song. Sit back and listen to each artist tell you how the song was written and what inspired it. The Artist Lessons library keeps growing, so you’ll always have songs to learn (and learn about).

New Guitar Features
GarageBand ’09 puts rock history on display with new amps and stompbox effects that re-create the sound of legendary guitar rigs — right on your Mac. Just plug in an electric guitar and play through five new amps modeled after the most revered in the world. Choose from over 30 complete rigs, including Brit Pop, Honky Tonk, Lowdown Blues, Seattle Sound, Stadium Solo, and Woodstock Fuzz. Add virtual stompboxes that reproduce classic foot pedals, including Fuzz Machine, Blue Echo, and Auto-Funk. Then get a 3D view of your rig — complete with amp, speaker cabinet, and stompboxes.

Magic GarageBand Jam

When it’s time to focus on jamming, turn your Mac into a full-screen stage with Magic GarageBand Jam. Assign instruments and styles to your guitarist, bassist, drummer, and keyboard player. Shuffle instruments randomly to instantly hear a new sound from your backing band. Create a custom mix using volume sliders or by muting and soloing any instrument. Quickly navigate to any part of the song using the new Arrangement Track, or just repeat your favorite part. When you’re happy with rehearsals, you can record right into Magic GarageBand.

Try it out now and be your own composer or DJ! Experience not required.