New Technologies Driving the Online Gambling Industry And What The Future Will Offer

As the years go by, the gambling industry and attitudes around it keep seeing massive shifts. Laws are becoming laxer, more people are flocking to casinos (online and in-person), and gambling is spreading to places it hasn’t yet fully reached.

However, our changing technologies are also changing the name of the game, making online gambling more secure, more engaging, and more accessible than ever before. Here are just three of the advancing technologies that are making a difference today, and what we can expect in the years to come.

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The VR And AR Experience

The last decade has seen the rise of a very interesting and long-awaited technological breakthrough: virtual reality and augmented reality. While not the science fiction gadgets we all imagined, VR and AR headsets have opened up a completely different world in gaming, giving gamers more immersion, more fun, and more ways to play.

Surprisingly, online casino games were among the first to make use of the technology, creating card games, slots, and full virtual reality casinos that offer the gambling experience right in the comfort of the players’ own home. It has attracted millions of players around the world and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The Cryptocurrency Revolution

Cryptocurrency” has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, often signaling images of Silicon Valley-esque entrepreneurs or faceless hackers for all who hear it. However, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are more than just a trendy point of topic. They’re a valid payment method – and one that provides numerous benefits of gamers and gamblers.

What exactly are these benefits, though? For starters, they are both faster and cheaper than traditional payment methods like debit or credit cards. More importantly, they’re extremely secure and private, something most online casino-goers will thoroughly appreciate.

Combine these factors, and cryptocurrency is an important technology in the online gambling experience that helps gamblers maintain more anonymity, lower associated fees, and more secure transactions. In other words, it makes the online experience feel safe, which helps everyone have more fun!

Gambling Gone Mobile

Both cryptocurrency and VR tech have driven the online gambling industry to new heights, but nothing has done a more thorough job that the shift to mobile devices.

As mobile devices became smarter and enjoyed a surge of popularity, developers and traditional gamblers saw the opportunity to get into the virtual casino scene. Previously in-person only establishments started focusing on ways to bring the experience to our phones and new online-only sites like came to fruition.

This move to mobile broadened the gambling audience and made gambling more accessible than it ever was in the past. It also helped to destigmatize it because of the nature of casual gaming, something that has hugely benefited the casino industry across the board.

The Future Going Forward

So, that’s where we are. But where are we going? In short, we’re going in a similar direction – only further. In the future, we will see all these same technologies become better and more popular than today.

Online casinos and mobile games will continue to increase, VR will gain more gambling game options as the tech is adopted more, and cryptocurrency use will become more central when rates inevitably increase again. Of course, we’ll also see other factors that impact the industry.

Blockchain tech will help increase payment security, general technological improvements will hone gameplay, increase fairness, and eliminate human error, and encryption will make gamblers’ data far away from the cybercrime networks they fear. And there’s no telling what incredible changes will come next beyond these.

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