Online Mobile Gambling – The Incredible Statistics Say It All

It seems incredible to think that it was almost ten years ago since Steve Jobs launched the very first generation of iPhones being the co-founder of Apple Computers with Steve Wozniak. Since then successive smartphones and associated Apple devices have improved beyond measure our mobile experiences and that has included a massive growth of online mobile casinos and dedicated bingo sites to tempt players to enjoy their favorite games whilst on the move.

Alongside the growth of the gambling industry came the associated businesses and companies such as marketing resulting in some pretty high-end advertisements for both casinos and bingo sites UK, some of which are very entertaining and some of which we wished we could forget!

We now know that at least some players spend time accessing their games via smartphones or tablets, in fact in some countries where the mobile coverage is actually better than broadband it is the norm to play using a mobile device than a computer or a laptop.

Mobile play has had an extraordinary effect on the whole of the gambling industry and we can now expect our games to load and open up seamlessly and gameplay to be interrupted. This quality of gameplay means that you can play your game of bingo, for example, using your regular password and payment option in a safe and secure environment which all helps to ensure your time spent online is as entertaining as possible. [pullquote]You will find that many operators also offer exclusive bonuses and promotional offers to mobile users.[/pullquote]

It appears that players are spending (on average) 10%+ longer online and if you take into account that in excess of 75% of all gamblers playing online that is a massive market for software and hardware developers to tap into, and the more that technology catches up to expectations the bigger those number will get.

This massive growth has also created great competition between different online sites which is good news for the players as now there are some fantastic welcome offers and packages to get your through their virtual doors and into the lobby, it is well worth checking out which site suits you the best before committing any of your own hard-earned cash.

As new markets join in the mobile revolution more people come to appreciate the very real mix of convenience without really having to compromise very much (for example the screens of smartphones are not small) and as technology further advances there is no real reason to think that this mobile trend will not continue with it being likely that mobile will soon be the favoured way to wager online.

The Popularity Of Online Mobile Gambling

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