Online Gaming – UK’s Business Success Story

Online gaming is one of the UK’s most exceptional business success stories. Currently responsible for over 100,000 jobs, the industry’s growing number of employees shows no sign of stopping. The wide range of popular casino sites listed on, where the latest online casinos are regularly tested and reviewed, perfectly demonstrates how iGaming has been flourishing.

As the gambling job market becomes increasingly competitive, academic courses that target individuals who want to establish their place in the online gambling world blossom. The iGaming Academy of IGA, for instance, provides online gaming related training for individual learners, teams, and companies across the globe. Let’s take a closer look.

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Introduction To iGaming

Introduction to iGaming offers a comprehensive and pragmatic overview of the online gambling sector. It aims at increasing your chances of landing on your first role in the field of iGaming. It will also be the course for you if you are looking to boost your industry career prospects. The elaborate course covers topics such as the history of online gaming, iGaming products, bonus structures, fraud prevention and responsible gambling.

Introduction to iGaming is available in eLearning or classroom formats. The former is an interactive version that can be accessed from various parts of the world. The latter is delivered by industry experts or specialists in an engaging classroom environment.

Online Casino Management

The key to a business’s success often lies in its management, and online casinos are no exceptions. A better understanding of players, marketing strategies and variations of casino products contribute to improving the management of an online casino’s offering. This is where this Online Casino Management course is coming from. Tailored to deliver a comprehensive overview of the online casino vertical and its challenges, the course is perfect for individuals familiar with other verticals, for example, sportsbook or bingo, who are looking for conversion training. The course is also suitable for existing employees of online casinos.

The first half of Online Casino Management will cover the basics of online casinos, such as functionality, the range of casino products and strategies to attract new customers. The second half of the course presents an in-depth analysis of the everyday challenges of a casino site, including marketing strategies, CRM and the supervision of activity via KPIs. Students taking the course will be offered exercises and scenarios on different topics.

Created in collaboration of industry experts with years of experience, the Online Casino Management course is expected to provide students with a thorough understanding of online casino functionality. Students will get to know methods to build and promote a casino site, as well as understand how to locate issues using KPIs. The course is also available in eLearning and classroom formats.

In this digital era when almost every one of us has a portable casino in our pockets, online gambling is now bigger than ever before. Although regulators are taking a stricter stance on the industry, iGaming is likely to remain as one of the most significant contributors towards the public purse. For more casino information and news check Casino Online.

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