Do Other Casinos Use Spelpaus Outside Of Sweden?

Spelpaus is a self-exclusion system that is used in Sweden by gamblers. This was introduced in the country in 2019 as a means for players to put themselves into a self-imposed game break. Essentially, it can stop them from gambling if they have been spending too much and need to have some extra control. It stops them from gaming at any casino in Sweden for a predetermined amount of time and removes the temptation. It is meant to be a protection for players that they can apply to themselves.

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How Does Spelpaus Work?

Spelpaus works similarly to ROFUS in Denmark and GamStop in England. It allows players to shut down all forms of online gaming for themselves. All of the casinos that are licensed in Sweden are required to be connected to Spelpaus. Whenever you log onto the gaming account, the casino will automatically check to see if you are on a game break. If you are registered on Spelpaus, then the casino will not allow you to play. This means that you won’t be able to play at any of the casinos in the country.

There are four different options for setting up a game block for yourself. You can opt for one month, three months, six months, or an “until further notice” break. If you select until further notice, you will be blocked for at least one year. After that period, you will no longer be on the list, but you can block yourself again if you would like.

It is important to note that if you decide midway through a game break, you can’t simply take yourself off the list. You will have to finish the break before you will be allowed to game at any casinos with a license in Sweden. Of course, there may be some changes in your life where you regret having put yourself on one of these breaks.

What If Things Change?

Sometimes, things will change in your life that will make it possible to play online again. You might have had a change in your finances, a new job, etc. that will make it possible to game without as much worry as when you started the game break. However, if you are still in the period of the game break, you won’t be able to play at any casinos in Sweden. Of course, this is only for casinos that have a license in Sweden.

You always have the option of playing at casino utan Svensk licens. Choosing one of these types of casinos will provide you with a range of benefits, not just getting around the game break imposed by Spelpaus. Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits.

Get Gaming Again

If you are still blocked from gambling at a casino with a license in Sweden, it doesn’t mean that you can’t gamble at all. It just means that you can’t gamble at those casinos operating with a license in the country. You still have the option of looking elsewhere for casinos where you can gamble online. If they are not licensed in Sweden, it means that you will be able to gamble at them. They do not use Spelpaus, and you won’t be blocked.

However, before you use these other casinos, make sure that it’s a good idea for you to gamble. Make sure that the factors that caused you to go on a game break in the first place aren’t still present in your life.

Consider Why You Went On The Game Break

As mentioned, there are times when you truly no longer need to be on the game break. You might have your finances in order and perhaps you paid down some debt to have extra money for gambling. There could be any number of reasons that you no longer need to be on a break.

However, you should stop and think about why you put yourself on a break to begin with. If you decided to go on a break because you have a problem with gambling, it’s not a good idea to look for casinos without a Swedish license to gamble again. In those cases, it’s better to abstain from all gambling so it doesn’t cause problems in your life. You need to have control of your gambling, not the other way around.

Other Benefits Of Choosing Casinos Without A Swedish License

If you choose to use a casino that’s not licensed in Sweden, you will have other benefits to enjoy, not just getting around Spelhaus. One of the biggest of these benefits is the ability to make use of the bonuses offered by casinos. These are not allowed beyond a welcome bonus at licensed casinos in Sweden. Other casinos can offer a range of bonuses, free spins, etc. that you would expect from a quality casino.

You can deposit as much as you would like into your account without worrying about any limits. Withdrawals tend to be just as easy. You won’t have to worry about any delays in using the slots either. In Sweden, slow machines are required to have a three-second period between pulls. This is not the case with casinos operating from other countries. You will find that you have quite a bit more freedom with these options.

Find Quality Casinos

Malta is a good option when looking for casinos. The casinos that are operating out of Malta allow you to choose game limits including deposit limits, time-limited breaks, self-exclusion, and self-tests for people to keep their gambling under control and to play within their budget.

There are many casinos from which to choose that don’t have Swedish licenses. Take your time to look through some of the options that are available and find a casino that will work well for you. Look at all of the features and benefits of the casino, including bonuses, VIP programs, and any other elements that you might want from a casino. Choose a reputable, safe casino and take your chances on the games, not the reputation.

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