PetVille New FaceBook Game | Review

There is a new game on FaceBook with around 944,298 active users and with  162,715 fans (at time of post).  The game is very similar to Pet Society.  In PetVille, you raise, dress, and care for a pet that you create. Visit your friends’ houses and play with their pets to earn coins you can use to make your own house the coolest on the block!

For FaceBook game players, here is another game that will allow you to create your own character, name your pet, give him/her a home. The game was developed by Zynga.

Zynga was founded in July 2007 with the vision of connecting the world through games. Since then they have dedicated themselves to making fun and social games for people to play with their friends and have become the largest developer of social games on the web in the process. Zynga games provide a platform for players to express themselves and form deep social connections with their friends. With a catalogue that ranges from casino games to role playing games, their  games can be found on most social networks, and on the iPhone.

I have recently added the application on FaceBook and here are some things I liked about it.  One is the graphics, the character and the elements are done pretty well.  The movement is more fluid.  Your pet is more interactive. The clothes and the furniture is  up to date.  I just have one problem with it.  I think they need to rethink how gamers can earn more coins.  In Farmville,  and  Cafe’World one can earn by planting or cooking, in Yo Ville one must go to the factory to bake sweets and earn.  Here all one can do is visit their friends houses.  Considering the amount of time one needs to accumulate coins, and the number of level needed to be able to unlock items to decorate your house, people might just end up playing it for awhile and then get bored with it.   Check out the videos and see what’s in store before you add the game.