Popular Musical Instruments That Might Interest You

Playing an instrument is a noble hobby. It’s not only something fun to do to pass the time, but it also has numerous health benefits and it will boost your self-esteem. Whether you’re young and want to broaden your talents, or you’re in your golden years looking to take up something new to keep your mind fresh, an instrument is always a good option.

But how do you choose, with so many instruments on the market? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular instruments in the world and consider the pros and cons to find the best fit for you.

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Let’s start with the basics – the piano. This is one of the first instruments people think about when they think of music, and it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular ones in the world.

Let’s start with the pros: pianos are widely available and you’d be hard-pressed to find a music school that doesn’t teach it. It’s also the perfect instrument to learn the basics of music, because of the order of the keys and the way the instrument is played.

However, on the flip side, it’s not exactly a cheap or portable instrument to get for yourself, so unless you’re really looking to commit, you’ll want to find a school that will allow you to practice on the school piano.

In addition, the start when playing the piano is slow, it takes time to properly learn the technique, so don’t expect miracles at the beginning, however, learning will get faster and easier as you progress, so there will be exponential growth.


Sticking with the classics, the violin is widely considered the most elegant instrument, and one with the most beautiful sound of the entire orchestra. Most often, people start learning the violin when they are very young, because unlike the piano where you need only press the key, on a violin, you’re producing the whole sound, and you need to know exactly where to place your fingers in order to get the right note.

This can be very annoying at the beginning, but once you get over that hurdle, it’s smooth sailing. You’ll want to ask experts for help with finding the best violin for your needs, as beginner’s violins can be confusing and hard to navigate.

But they are amazing for training everything from your brain to your hands to your posture, and if you manage to stick with it and actually get to the point where you can open some sheet music and start playing – you’ll be golden.


Do you want to be the favorite of the party? Do you want something that you can learn fast, play lots and even compose with just basic knowledge? Then the guitar is the instrument for you.

Unlike the previous two, with the guitar you start by feeling godlike – you can play any chord after your third or fourth class and you can basically play any song from your playlist. However, if you want to get really good, if you want to shred solos like Hendrix, you’re going to need a lot of time and practice.

It’s a great option because you can buy it relatively cheap, carry it with you whenever you want and just play your heart out in the park if you get the urge.


Now let’s talk about a whole different story – percussion. The drums are a great way to get into music if what you love most is a good beat and you have a sense for rhythm. In addition, it’s a full-body workout that will leave you soaked – if you put yourself into it enough.

The downside of drums – the neighbors won’t really like you all that much, and if you want to actually buy a full set for yourself, you’ll have to save up quite a bit. However, if you’re just looking for a hobby that you can do several times per week, your instructor can tell you how you can actually practice the drums and combine the rhythms without actually needing to buy a whole drum set. It’s great for both aspiring rockstars, and for older people looking to fulfill their adolescent dreams.

Playing instruments has proven benefits for your mental health, emotional wellbeing, and overall mood, so if you have some extra time and don’t know what to do with it – there’s no reason you shouldn’t give music a try.

And if you don’t find yourself lusting over any of these instruments – remember that the first instrument in the world was the human voice, so your solution might just be to sing your heart out.

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