Popular Shows On Channel 4 To Watch In Canada

Channel 4 is a British television station that has its headquarters in London. Channel 4 offers popular shows such as Masterchef, Benefits Street, and Gogglebox. It was originally launched on November 2 1982 as “S4C” which is an abbreviation for Sianel Pedwar Cymru (Channel Four Wales).

The channel was rebranded in 2007 with the name ‘Channel 4’ when it became a public service broadcaster after being funded by advertisements. The station initially offered mostly educational programs, but later began to offer more ‘general entertainment’ style shows.

They are known for broadcasting controversial shows such as Benefits Street, All4, and Skins.

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Why Channel 4 Is Geo-Restricted In Canada?

Although Channel 4 is a U.K.-based streaming service it is equally popular in Canada also. But due to copyright issues, it is geo-restricted in Canada. To access Channel 4, you will need to use a VPN service to watch Channel 4 in Canada.

A VPN  is a virtual private network that works by rerouting your internet traffic through different servers which makes it appear like you are in a different country. In this way, you can access Channel 4 in Canada with ease.

The following section will provide a brief introduction to popular TV programs on Channel 4 to watch in Canada.

The O.C.

The upcoming American teen drama will release its four seasons for the first time on All 4 on January 22nd, 2021. Rarely seen in other countries, the show follows Ryan and Seth as they deal with high school life while facing various conflicts along the way.


West London’s Nova hospital is home to a disparate bunch of millennials, scavenging their way through life and scraping together enough cash to make the rent. When reckless free spirit Jules takes her turn skipping’ out on the rules for thicker payoffs there isn’t long before chaos descends.

Conflict and mounting debts ensue as these chaotic protagonists try to keep up with each other while trying not to go under themselves.


The show, which is a winner of the BAFTA and one of the most popular shows on the channel, has been brought to Channel 4. Watch 10 full seasons of these unique challenges.

Channel 4 is home to Taskmaster Greg Davies and Alex Horne as they challenge celebrity guests – including Daisy May Cooper, Noel Fielding, Katherine Parkinson, and Johnny Vegas – into bizarre and hilarious tasks.

Adult Material

The script follows the struggles of Jolene Dollar as she attempts to balance her work life with motherhood.

The West Wing

A new US political drama has arrived on All 4 that will appeal to both democrats and republicans alike. West Wing President Jed Bartlet is the fictional president of the White House, managing relationships with congress in crises such as terrorism.

Married At First Sight

For those of you looking for a good reality TV fix, may we recommend Married at First Sight? The show follows single people who are matched by a panel of relationship experts and must marry a stranger whom they meet for the first time on their wedding day.

The Twelve

Looking for a new crime drama show? Check out The Twelve, which follows twelve jurors as they serve on a murder trial in Ghent. This proves to be especially challenging when it is up for debate whether or not the accused should be acquitted of killing someone.

Celebs Go Dating

From Liv Bentley of “Made in Chelsea” to Amy Hart of “Love Island,” single celebrities look for their perfect (non historically famous) match on a dating agency. There are cute moments, LOL moments, and plenty of unfamous conversations that usually end up being awkward.


Goggle-box, a popular show that has gained as much fame in the United Kingdom as it has here, is an excellent show to watch if you need self-care. The Siddiquis from Derby and Jenny and Lee from Hull will make your heart happy during every single episode of this British signature show.

Malcolm In The Middle

2000s-set comedy Malcolm in The Middle is now available for streaming on All 4, starring Frankie Muniz as mischievous teenaged Malcolm, Hal played by Bryan Cranston, and Lois played by Jane Kaczmarek.

The Great British Bake-Off

Why not make the most of a cozy evening at home by setting your DVR to record The Great British Bake-Off? You can try and replicate some excitement (and delicious sweet treats) with our generous panel of less talented judges.

The £1 Houses: Britain’s Cheapest Street

A group of families who purchase $1 houses in a Liverpool neighborhood project being controlled by the city’s council in order to make it habitable after years of neglect are equally shocked and saddened when their homes are vandalized.

These same residents also witness shootings on their doorstep, only to spend more money repairing their homes within weeks.

12-Year-Old Lifer

The extraordinary story of a murder, which led to the conviction and imprisonment of a 12-year-old boy–sentenced to thirty years in jail. After watching this documentary at 19, he was freed from prison after just seven years served.


Ellen Page travels the world for her new show, documenting LGBTQ culture in Japan, Brazil, Jamaica, and even the United States.

While the show deals with lighthearted aspects of LGBTQ life, such as fashion trends and dating rituals (or lack thereof), she also looks at larger problems affecting many queer people like violence and homophobia.

The Clinton Affair

American politicians explore the scandals that plagued Bill Clinton during his presidential campaign in Washington.

The State

Channel 4’s decision to broadcast a four-part drama that follows the stories of young men and women who travel to Syria to join ISIS has apparently become contentious. Based on research from director Peter Kosminsky, interviews were conducted with people who have been in similar situations for some time.

Chewing Gum

This show follows an extremely religious, Beyoncé fan 24-year-old as they find out the world is more than they can imagine and it takes them a while to catch on. This series was popular among viewers and included rapper Stormzy.


If you find it on the internet or access channel 4 you will find a huge list of shows and movies which are popular amongst viewers. And not only the list of shows is presented but also there are categories of different genres through which you can choose any movie or show of your own choice and taste.

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