The Quality Of Design In Casinos

Today, the design of casinos has become a topic of significant interest. Many classic theories suggest how the casino should layout and be fascinating and significant. However, the theory of design changes and evolves most of the time, with the main goal of encouraging that everyone has fun and feel good.

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Game Design

Casino games are developed ever since the Golden Age of Arcade Games. Over time, starting with the ’90s, the first casino games that went digital were the slots. In addition, after the year 2000, more traditional games, like roulette and table games went digital. Now, online casinos, such as Admiral Casino contain a number of digital games that are easily accessible.

Since around 2012, games have really picked up in complexity, storylines and themes. Of course, casinos now being online has meant for a greater potential. Graphics are increasing in order to make them more immersive, but more importantly, there are now elements of video games. This may sound abstract at first, but if you play these games, you will understand.

Nowadays, there are level-ups, hidden items, missions, quests, tasks, gems and so on. It is mandatory to compete with yourself, to try and better how far you get through the game. Meanwhile, this is being developed inside themes. Such themes might be Ancient Egypt. This means there are a consistent narrative, characters and/or symbols that fit within this theme.

Ultimately, there are different types of casino games that highlight gamification-taking place. Firstly, there are mission-based games. These are often role-player / first-person games in the video gaming world. Casino games will have a start and an end, and along the way you have tasks, protagonists and so on.

Secondly, leaderboard games are usually slightly different. These are usually a more structured and competitive game where players can climb the leaderboard. Social media is even being integrated into this, meaning there is more open and shareable gaming.

Social Engineering

Casino games have developed more than just the games themselves. There is something more meta going on. It seems though that online casinos have realised that many users are playing because they get to meet people, on say, the poker table they’re playing in using the chat feature.

Furthermore, social media as mentioned above is integrated into the fabric of these games. Being able to connect with friends and share your highest score is a great way to build a community.

Furthermore, with the development of Virtual Reality, there is an increasing focus on social interactions. We are of course social creatures, but sometimes typing out your conversation isn’t the most efficient way. VR casino games are allowing users to use their mic and visualisation of their avatars to interact, which is not far from real-life communication.


Mobile has been hugely influential in all of this. Being able to play wherever you mean that suddenly there’s a different potential for casinos’ design. It’s clear the mobile users because they can (and will likely be) very quickly opening and closing apps, that the casino games need to be fitting with this. This also means, that if the mobile browser doesn’t play well, there is also another option: to create an app.

Mission-based games should be able to save your progress, and easy to pick back up and carry on. Mobile games are limited for a time, just like PC games, mobile games also have a number of lives.

The thing is, casino apps have made casino games even more mainstream. After all, the Play Store/App Store is a way for anyone to stumble across them, instead of just those searching for them. This has opened the eyes of many people, realizing casino games are just games similar to any other mobile apps.

Casino Floor Design

When it comes to design, everyone wants to deliver the best and friendliest look that is within modern lines of art and trend. For example, there are architect & design groups that specialize in design and planning for diverse project types and are authorities for different commercial projects such as hospitality, gaming, retail, and mixed-use. You can even add to these projects the community idea as well as building and industrial design.

There is one example of such a company that opened its doors in 1990, the Worthgroup. They delivered hundreds of innovative designs internationally. Reconditioning an existing facility or designing a new one, requires an entire creative team of designers, architects, interior designers, planners, and animators to deliver a good project.

The design is usually driven with the approach of discovery, where the team is committed to providing creative and distinctive project solutions by having a close partnership with the clients. Staying true to the creative intent while considering the factors such as functionality and performance, a firm can be committed to always respect the bottom line, by focusing on the guest experience and delivering a project that is both memorable and true to the client’s unique story.

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