RecordSetter World Record Day: Set A Record & Be The Best!

Brace yourselves for April 28th, 2012. No, this is not the next time the world is expected to end — it’s something much bigger than that. On this date,, the self-proclaimed ‘new home of world records,’ will join forces with you (yes you), the people of the world, to host one of most anticipated world record events of 2012: the RecordSetter World Record Day.

This day is guaranteed to feature some of the strangest, most imaginative world record attempts you have ever heard of. Confirmed categories include ‘Longest Distance to Pull a Car Wearing Roller Skates’ and ‘Most High Fives Exchanged with Runners at a Road Race.’

One woman even decided to throw herself her own birthday party in celebration of the event (see video below). But here’s the best part: Since RecordSetter operates under the philosophy that ‘everyone on earth can be the world’s best at something,’ any record category not considered to be illegal in nature can qualify you as a world record holder! So, for example, you cannot set the world record for ‘Most Purses Stolen From Old Ladies in 30 Seconds,’ but you can set the record for ‘Most Times Contemplating Stealing Purses From Old Ladies in 30 Seconds.’

Thinking of getting involved? Here’s how: You can either partake in one of the existing events in your area, host your own event, or directly submit a record attempt to