Restaurant Menus Recreated To Be Honest [Humor]

Are you a fan of restaurant chains? I’m not. Every now and then I get a Waffle House attack, and I have to get something scattered and smothered, but I don’t make a habit of it. However, I remember when @mistygirlph first moved to the States, and I had the privilege of taking her to her first meal ever at IHOP. That was a lot of fun. We did the classic IHOP pig out consisting of burgers, salad and soda. It was a great time.

I think we get so used to seeing some of those menus, we don’t really realize what they say. They are pretty funny if you read all the words. Obviously for the big restaurant chains, the menus have done some pretty brilliant marketing, although some of them are still really silly.

After all, Applebee’s slogan of Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood takes on a whole new meaning when you think about the fact that they have 2,000 locations. And what’s up with the whole Aussie thing at Outback? I wonder if anyone from Australia who visits that restaurant ever gets offended, hopefully not. Then of course there is Olive Garden whose food is about as Italian as Taco Bell is Mexican. Last but not least, there is my beloved IHOP, where you can be convinced that pancakes with dripping strawberry syrup and whipped cream is a healthy dinner any day of the week. The funny as heck folks over at College Humor decided to take these restaurant chain menus and make them honest. What a cute creative idea, and definitely giggle worthy!

Olive Garden Honest Menu

Chain Menus Recreated Humor

Applebees Menu Recreated Humor

Chain Restaurant Menus Recreated

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