Sail Wonderfully Through This ‘Lockdown Holiday’ Season

Lockdown blues take a toll on everyone’s mindset as all are confined to their home except the healthcare and other essential service workers. A few people are busy binge-watching, and a few others are trying to control their pounds. Even the Global Web Index showed that almost 80% of consumers are glued to different entertainment mediums like TV, online videos, TikTok, etc.

Still, many of us get bored after finishing the productive tasks, work from home tasks, freelancing tasks. So, this holiday lockdown, why not hop onto a few activities that will let you wonderfully sail past this COVID-19 lockdown. Read on to know a few exciting and entertaining things you can do to keep yourself engaged.

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Start Reading Challenge

Most of us are bookaholics, but a few of us may not get time to read our favorite books with hectic schedules. This lockdown and holidays have given us a chance to start a reading challenge with our family and friends.

You can make a group and pick the book you are about to read and share reviews about it. This way, you will have access to stories of many fictional or non-fictional books you are interested in or looking forward to buying.

Learn A Foreign Language

In this COVID lockdown, learn the country’s language or state you are planning to visit one day. Why not abreast yourself with the new language and dialect so that you are as fluent as people of that country/region.

You can learn a new language by registering online free at many sites, as the internet usage curve has also surged by 70%. Here, native speakers make one-to-one conversations to help foreigners learn a new language.

Earn A Little

Well, in this lockdown, the gaming and gambling industry is also not left far behind. Not only for entertainment purposes, but people are registering on online casinos to make some extra money if they get lucky to win a good amount of prizes. Many reputed online casinos are offering promotions and deals for this holiday season to attract players.

Like, you can avail Slothino bonus offer from this casino and get a 100% match deposit bonus and free spins too. With just a minimal betting amount, the players can win a good amount of prizes. You can play any of the slot games and get your bankroll rolling higher.

Try Hands-On Different Cuisines

This lockdown, our cravings for favorite dishes, is seemingly increasing, as we cannot devour on the lip-smacking snacks. Why not try them at your home? You can turn to your kitchen, log on to your favorite chef’s videos, and start preparing your favorite dishes. This way, you can devour your favorite dishes with your family and friends. You can prepare some healthy snacks for your kids too.

Enroll For Courses

This is the right time to enhance your skills too. You can enroll yourself in a variety of online courses that are offered for free too. If you are into digital and online marketing, you can go ahead with Google’s versatile courses free of cost with certification. Even a few Open Learning Institutions provide some enriching programs for different sectors to make your future firm.

Organize Your Home

Declutter! Declutter! And Declutter! It is required as the hectic schedule and lifestyle may keep you out of your home for much time. Now, it is time to organize your wardrobe, rooms, patio, garden, and other related things.

You can even recycle the material and try to make some new home décor to give a distinct look to your home. Make your home workspace cleaner and greener for carrying out the work peacefully and in a relaxed manner.


With so many creative things on the list, you can beat your boredom greatly. You can even start meditating and try your hands at art and craft to give yourself peacefulness and calmness. So, pick any one of the activities this lockdown holidays and enjoy doing these activities.

These activities will relieve you from boredom and keep the mental stress away for a long time. Just pick any of these activities or something you are passionate about and start doing during the COVID holiday season.

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