Soylent Green Crackers: People Never Tasted So Delicious

This whole little spoof gives new meaning to “You are what you eat.” We’ve touched on the fact before that in the future, we will have a hard time maintaining our current food supply because of population growth, land mass, pollution and how we currently produce our food.

This is obviously very serious subject, and there are people working full-time right now to come up with creative alternatives. You can read more about that in Gross Foods That You Want To Eat Anyway and Technology: Grow Vegetables Without Sunlight. The always funny people over at Think Geek have come up with their own alternative to the food supply problem.

They are called Soylent Green Crackers. If you aren’t a Charlton “from my cold dead hands” Heston fan or a cult sci-fi movie fan, you might not know what Soylent Green is. Check out the little video clips below for a more detailed explanation. As funny as these are, I can’t help but let my mind wander… What if this was the only thing we had to eat, and if it was truly made out of ground-up people? Would you eat them? I think I would rather starve. Being like Hannibal Lecter is just not my style. But hey, if you dig it, you’ll probably like these nutritious little crackers that taste just like Grandma. Nom nom!

People Never Tasted So Delicious

People Never Tasted So Delicious

People Never Tasted So Delicious

Via: [Book of Joe]