Spider-Man Costume Update: Web Shooter Device Confirmed!

If you are a true Spidey geek, then you know that there is a new Spider-Man movie scheduled to be released on July 3rd, 2012. And, if you are a super Spidey geek, you also know that about four days ago Sony unveiled the first pictures of the new Spider-Man costume.

Although it’s a little hard to see in this particular picture, the buzz all around the Internet for the past several days has been about his wrists. It looks as if there is some sort of metal or straps around his wrists. What exactly is that, and could it be an artificial web shooter, like in the old comic books?

Well, as you know, Andrew Garfield plays Spider-Man and Emma Stone plays Gwen Stacy. Last night at the Golden Globes she was asked if that is in fact a web shooter device on his wrist, and she confirmed it is. So, in other words, it’s not a fictitious flying web coming out of his hands in some magical way, but it’s a real device (ok, I guess the web still isn’t real, but a girl can dream, right?). Ohhhhh hell yes! I’m so seeing this movie like 50 times. I’m so excited. I wonder if they will ever sell such a device. I wanna be a Spider-Girl! Check out her response to the question last night in the little video clip below.

Via: [Geekosystem] [Cinema Blend]