Step-By-Step Guide On How To Choose Chess Sets

De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum, from Latin, means “Of tastes and colors there is nothing to be disputed”. Perhaps you are familiar with a shorter version: “To each, his own”.  This reference to choosing can also be applied when selecting a chess set.

Choosing the best chess set may be a big task. Moreover, there is a wide variety available on the market. Before deciding your ideal chessboard, consider the use, the material, and the people who regularly use it.

In terms of materials, you can choose between wooden or plastic boards and pieces. The wooden chess pieces and boards are more pleasant, aesthetically speaking, although usually, they have a shorter “shelf” life. On the other hand, plastic or vinyl chess boards are cheaper and hard to break.

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Choose a magnetic chess board if you want to enjoy it on your travels. They occupy a minimum space so that you can carry it in your hand luggage at all times. As for the people who will use it, it is important to differentiate between children and the elderly.

For example, if you want your children to learn fast, you should consider buying a standard board since it will provide their brains with an optimal structure and frame. However, if you intend to motivate them towards the game, you may get a board with allusions to their favorite cartoon series.

Select products that come from brands that have a good reputation within the chess community. The main advantage of a branded product is that you will generally receive a set that has higher and better quality controls.

Whether you are an expert player or if it is the first time that you are going to buy a chessboard, here is a guide to buying a chess set where you will be able to see the basic tips and aspects that you should bear in mind when choosing.

When looking for your ideal set, there are various things you need to consider, as chess boards are very different. Art collectors are usually amazed by the authentic wonders that might have been used by kings and queens in the English Court.

You will have a blast picking little battle soldiers or any other models when it comes to magnetic boards, glass pieces, and chess boards, or any other wood chess boards, especially pine and handmade ones.

If you intend to learn to play chess seriously, the first advice is that you think from the beginning about acquiring good standard size chess set with the coordinates printed on it. A good chess board should have a size 43-46 cm, max up to 50 cm.

And don’t worry if at first, it seems that the board or the tiles are too big in your opinion. As for the material used in the set’s construction, it all depends on what you are going to use it for. If you have gotten this far in the reading, you might be wondering: What is the best brand of chess sets.

In chess, unlike other articles, there are not many branded products. In professional chess circuits or the many clubs throughout the country, we are used to seeing the traditional Staunton chess pieces and chess boards. As a curiosity,  these Staunton pieces began to be manufactured in 1849 by Jacques of London.

Due to the great features offered by the Staunton model, which range from a good touch to the stability and rigidity of the pieces, and considerable durability, it has become the standard of chess pieces, to the point of being the only ones that are allowed according to the regulations.

Although there are not many “branded” products. The advantage is that you will receive a set that has higher and better quality controls. Also, the overall quality of the chess pieces will be much better. This includes the style, carving, finishing, packaging, documentation, and other similar factors.

If you are looking for something exceptional, then consider the advantages of choosing a brand name product. But, it shouldn’t be something that conditions you too much. You will find products of outstanding quality without being branded.

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