SuperBowl Top 11 Funny Commercials in 2009

Did you know that companies pay high price for commercials to be aired on the SuperBowl because of it’s high viewership? In a report that came out last February 2009 an estimate of 9.5 million viewers, that is a lot!  Investment on TV commercials as an advertising campaign is very huge and most companies would like to make sure that the investments are worthwhile so considering where to place them is a big factor.  The other consideration just like when you put out a website banner or a PR campaign content as well is very important.  You want to rise above the rest of the noise.

The Superbowl is as I have said earlier a good program to sponsor.  Some companies even produce commercials for airing in the  said program and not to air in other tv programs, Well just a trivia for you as an intro for the video you are about to watch.  The best ads are usually the ones that deliver a good punchline.  They are remembered and usually rise above the clutter.

Here is a compilation of 11 funny TV commercials. Sit back and relax and have a good laugh!