Teenager’s $300 Superhero Movie Proves Budget Doesn’t Matter

With every movie company throwing millions of dollars into movies that all have one thing in common, superheroes, it’s not always easy to see where all the money is going.  A big chunk is of course for royalties and fees for the cast, director and so forth, but a large chunk is also spent on the special effects.  But does a movie really have to cost hundreds of millions of dollars in order to look stunning and have a cast that will entertain you enough to like the movie?  I am sure the answer to such a question could be as long as the script itself, but the fact is that it doesn’t.  All you really need is determination, some know-how and a kick ass idea, and you’re ready to get cracking.

The short movie Lazy Teenage Superheroes is definitely a testament to that.  It is said that the short movie only cost $300 to make and that all the special effects were made using off-the-shelf software.  Whether that statement is true or not, I have no clue, but I still think that watching this short movie was more than entertaining.  Imagine what could be achieved if the movie companies started paying for what they REALLY got instead of paying what the people behind each job description thinks they are worth.

It’s definitely worth thinking about it.  Not only would it give us a whole lot more for our buck, but also a lot more movies would be made I am sure.  But then again, making the Lord Of The Rings trilogy probably spent their money just right.  After all, it was beyond amazing and the special effects in those movies are nothing you could create in an evening.  Or could you?