The Greatest Drunk Dial Voicemail Ever

Omg, I betcha this is going to be one of the funniest things you read about all day. Yesterday I wrote an article called How To: Delete A Drunk Night On Twitter & Facebook. It’s about an iPhone app that takes your entire evening of drunk tweets, Facebook wall posts, Facebook photos you uploaded (of you puking on the floor), comments, DMs, Twitpics, etc…. and deletes them all at the same time with one click and replaces them with a happy, sober message.

In that article, I pointed out that although this app will help you delete an embarrassing drunk night on social media, there is no app that can help delete that kind of embarrassment in real life. As a girl, I can tell you that there is nothing that will make you want to pack a suitcase and go live in the deep jungle of some undiscovered country faster than drunk dialing a guy and leaving a voicemail.

There really should be a rule that after a certain number of drinks, your iPhone automatically turns off and won’t turn back on until the next day. Or, we should make a pact that we won’t let friends text, make calls or get on any social media site while partying. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, and friends don’t let friends drunk dial or tweet. Period.

I suppose there could possibly be one bright side to this. What if your drunk dial voicemail went to the wrong person, who put it on the Internet, and it went viral? That’s exactly what happened to Dominic. She met a guy when she was out. He used the excuse that he had indigestion to get away from her, but just to not seem super rude, he gave her his phone number. However, he gave her the wrong number. Or at least that is why I think she dialed the wrong number.

She called the number, and of course, left a drunk dial voicemail. The guy that received it uploaded it to YouTube, and the rest is history. This all happened in the past week. If she really does work at eBay, I wonder what this has done to her corporate reputation. Dominic, you sound really sweet. I’m sure you are way cooler than that dumb Ryan you were trying to get in touch with. Always remember that. Also, I want to thank you for reminding me that next time I go out, I’m leaving my iPhone at home.

A guy named Ryan Jones filmed this as a response to her voicemail…

Greatest Drunk Dial Voicemail Ever

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