Top 5 Best Free Word Games For Android Phones

Despite being around for over a century, word games like scrabble never go out of style. This is perhaps due to the many benefits they provide to the players, in addition to the fact that they’re quite enjoyable. Among the numerous benefits, word games can help improve your English vocabulary, spelling, and knowledge.

Additionally, science has shown that they can help improve one’s IQ level, boost thinking power, and promote creative thinking. Word games can also be a good way to relax and blow off some steam as you strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. Especially when your performance starts improving, playing word games can be an amazing way to uplift your mood whenever you feel down.

Now, in the past, word games like scrabble and words with friends were only available as board games. Thanks to technological advancement, however, you no longer need to have the classical board to play these games. You simply need to head to the Play Store on your Android device, download your favorite word game, and you’re good to go.

The major caveat, however, is that with the many types of word games available for download, it can be a bit challenging to choose the best app to download on your Android device. Looking for some ideas on word games you can get for your android phone without spending a dime downloading one? Don’t sweat it…here are the top 5 best free word games for android phones you might want to try.

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1. Words With Friends 2

Developed by gaming company Zynga, this one is by far one of the most popular word games you can find for your Android device without costing you money. The game comes with several interesting features such as an up-to-date dictionary one-player mode, lightning mode, and much more. The game resembles scrabble but with the board on your android screen. In the solo challenge mode, you test your word strength against robot opponents, whereas in the multiplayer mode, you play against human opponents.

The lightning mode is played in teams and is meant to test your speed in creating words. The best thing is that in case you’re stuck and can’t seem to create a word from your letters, you can always look them up and use this resource for suggestions on words you can create quickly to avoid passing around and score as many points as you can. Apart from helping you score higher in word games, you can use these online tools to help improve your grammar, spelling and word power as you learn new words. It’s more than just a cheat tool!

2. Typeshift

A little bit of anagrams and crossword puzzles, SpellTower’s Typeshift is another free unique puzzle word game you can download on PlayStore for free. In the game, you’re supplied with letters in columns where your main goal is to find as many words as possible. As the name suggests, words are formed from the given letters by sliding the columns on the screen up and down.

3. Classic Words Solo

Classic Words Solo is actually a type of Scrabble, one that is simpler and for anyone to grasp and play. You can play solo or play against friends. The most unique feature of this game is that it supports a couple of languages. The major caveat is that the free version has ads, so you may need to spend a buck to upgrade to the pro version.

4. Four Letters

This is perhaps one of the easiest word games you’ll find for Android. You’re given 4 letters and your main mission is to create a word from the four letters within as little time as possible. The time limit per word is usually 20 seconds. The game has many levels so the challenge will really get your blood pumping as you move to higher levels. There’s also a leaderboard that you can use to gauge your word-forming prowess.

5. Letterpress – Word Game

Letterpress is another board-style multiplayer game in which letters are provided for players to form words in turns. At the start of the game, the board has a 5X5 letter block from which players create words. Each word has a specific number of points and at the end of the match, the player with the most points becomes the winner. There’s also a solo player mode in which a player faces a bot, which can be a great way to practice before facing an opponent.

Nothing uplifts the spirit more than a good word game. The list of free word games for android phones is virtually endless. Other notable mentions include Typeshift, Bonza Word Puzzle, Blackbar, Typochondria, Cryptogram, and, of course, scrabble for android.

Need Help Solving Word Games?

Sometimes playing word games can be a challenge. If you need some help, check out sites like Unscrambled-words, which has tools like an anagram solver or word unscrambler that can help with games like Word with Friends. You also might learn some new words in the process!

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