The Top Most Luxurious Casinos In The World

With origins dating back to ancient civilization, the development of casinos has been greatly helped by contributions from different parts of the world. From the early days of making dice out of stones and bones, the Chinese making the first card games, and the casino concept taking shape during the European Renaissance, everyone can lay a claim to the evolution of ever more luxurious casinos.

In an ever-changing world, choosing where to be entertained shifts from place to place. Online casinos have experienced a massive boost in fame in recent years, owing to the popularity of advancements in technology. Increased players’ interest in being entertained from anywhere and majorly from the comforts of their homes has also played an important part.

Although online casinos have become a force to be reckoned with, traditional land-based casinos are also thriving, especially at highly entertaining locations around the world. In this article, we will be taking you on a ride to some of the most luxurious casinos around the world – so which do you visit first?

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Luxurious Casinos Around The World

The Venetian, Macau

The Venetian is a grand luxury hotel and casino resort situated in Macau, China. Modelled after its sister casino –The Venetian in Las Vegas, The Venetian Macau is the largest single-structure hotel building in Asia and one of the most significant buildings in the world.

Sitting on 10,500,000 square feet, The Venetian houses 3000 hotel suites and 24 restaurants. The casino has well over 3000 slot machines and over 800 gaming tables for blackjack, baccarat, and poker games.

A night in one of the most expensive suites can cost you up to $2000. If you want to spend big and get lifetime experience for your money’s worth in one of the world’s grandest casinos, then look no further.

MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada

Maintaining the highest standard is not an easy feat, but this can be said to have been made easy by one of the oldest luxurious casinos in the world. The MGM Grand Las Vegas opened its doors in 1993 and has been a mainstay in the top-ranking luxurious casinos, with a tremendous amount of money poured into its maintenance.

Covering a landmass of more than 16000 square meters, with more than 5000 rooms, the resort boasts of a casino VIP room, a sportsbook, over 170 gaming tables, and more than 2300 slot machines.

The gaming floor is open 24 hours a day, and you can always swing by any time of the day. The most expensive suite at MGM Grand will cost you an astonishing $25,000 per night, making it an outstanding choice for a special occasion.

Hippodrome, London

The Hippodrome is one of the biggest names in the London casino scene and deserves a spot in our line-up as it boasts 5-star services across the board, ranging from exotic cuisine to entertainment at their theater.

The Hippodrome houses three casinos over its five floors – The Ground floor Casino, Lola’s on the lower ground floor, and the Crayburn Club on floor three. Not only will you be impressed by the casino’s fantastic design, but the wide variety of games is something to look forward to.

The London Hippodrome casino offers poker, blackjack, slot machines, and many other games. If you wish to access everything entertaining in one building in London, the Hippodrome is your stop.

Caesars Palace

Established in 1966, movie lovers will be familiar with Caesars Palace because of its continued involvement in Hollywood films and hosting of famous performers, including Celine Dion, Cher, and Mariah Carey among many others. The casino at Caesars Palace boasts more than 1300 slot machines and over 180 table games, including craps, poker, roulette and blackjack.

Slot games have a betting limit range of 1 US cent to $500. Also dedicated solely to sports betting, it is a sole room where various sports fans gather to wager on their favorites, tournaments, and latest sports matches.

Sun City Luxury Resort And Casino, South Africa

One of the oldies on our list, the Sun City debuted in 1979 and was built with respected guests, tourists, and VIPs in mind. With its luxurious amenities ranging from the jump park, mini golf, and mini quad biking area to the shopping arena, the casino has gone out of its way to give everyone a great time upon visit. At the casino, guests get to choose from over 40 table games and 100 slot machines in the gaming arena, where glamour and glitz go hand-in-hand.

For high rollers, private quarters are provided to ensure security and privacy. So if you ever find yourself in Sun City, South Africa and would like to try your luck, taking a shot at fortune at the Sun City Resort and Casino is your best bet.

The Kurhaus Of Baden-Baden, Germany

Established in 1820, the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden is not only one of the oldest hotels and casinos out there; it’s one of the most extravagant too. Reportedly called “the most beautiful casino in Germany” by Marlene Dietrich, the Baden casino is one of the most impressive casinos in Europe.

The casino offers 24 gaming tables to visitors with a more intimate setting than other luxury casinos, and with an estimated value of $10 billion dollars, a memorable experience is ultimately guaranteed. If you wish to experience gambling at the most luxurious level without a massive inflow of regular casino patrons and tourists, Kurhaus is one of the best options you have.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Over the past decade, Singapore has become a leading destination for tourists. Playing a significant role is the development of the Marina Bay Sands. This resort has pioneered a new era of tourist attraction, with over 19 million annual visitors coming to gamble, relax, or simply enjoy the grand scene. Arguably the most expensive casino in Asia, the Marina Bay Sands boasts a four-level gaming area.

There are over 2,300 slot machines and 600 game tables with different varieties of baccarat, poker, and blackjack. In addition, the resort also offers 2,500 hotel suites, rooftop swimming pools, a convention center, and other entertainment options of your choice.


From Las Vegas to Germany, London to Singapore, the world’s most luxurious casino combines sheer opulence with high stakes. While jackpots can be as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can enjoy playing at the luxurious casinos without being a high-roller. So, if you want a lifetime experience that suits your taste, pocket, and preference, then you are spoiled for choice.

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