U2′s 360° Awesome Time Lapse Preview

For 5 years, my life evolved around creating and implementing events. Small and big ones, from mall tours, booths, parties and concerts. Engaging from 300 minimum to 3,500 maximum people in attendance. It would take us around 2 months planning and about 3 weeks preparation time for the actual event. For the massive events, it would take me about 16 days to ingress (bring in and set up equipments- This was in 2006). It takes a lot of time and preparation and a lot of calculations to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event. I love creating a visual show, I would usually incorporate 16 to 20 video screens in various sizes and configuration, to stimulate the audience’s senses.

Here is a pretty good example of an event preparation but of course on time lapse for your appreciation.