VR Casino Games – What It Is All About

Online casinos have become a popular step-in solution for the problem of having to go out of your way to a physical casino. While this has been a great alternative, the atmosphere and sensory experience of the long hall of lights, slots, tables, and dealers is severely lacking.

With developments in virtual reality becoming more accessible and innovative, online casinos are now providing an immersive experience to play on a VR headset. You can view the many sign-up offers that online casinos provide at BestCasino, and from there, you can experience the physical casino atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

The Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear are two of the main VR headsets that are being used for casino games. The games are being rapidly developed, and seem to be getting increasingly persuasive. Playing blackjack at a virtual table, which you can look around as if you’re really there, far surpasses the 2D online experience.

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Visiting a real casino will never be replaced for many of us, but it’s not always feasible. The advantages of playing from home are plentiful too: we save money traveling down there, we can play whenever, and we have a greater selection of games, tables, and even promotions.

It isn’t as if there’s a mutual exclusion between physical casinos and VR casinos. Many physical casinos are embracing what VR has to offer. For example, MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas is actually providing their own VR experience inside their real casino’s floor – an exciting combination.

This has happened in many industries in fact, like car performance shops offering VR car experiences and theme parks having VR stations where you can enjoy a virtual roller-coaster on a hydraulic chair.

Social Aspect Of Casino Culture

The social aspect is what really separates VR casino gaming from traditional online casino experiences. You can interact with other VR players at your table with a live voice chat. This really adds to the experience of being able to play within a social setting. Sharing the highs and lows with each other, as well as some friendly banter against opponents.

It also adds another element to casino gaming, getting closer to the real thing. Being able to read emotions in poker, for example, is a significant dimension. This alone can be the basis of some strategic plays, and without an interaction between players, it doesn’t fully exist.

This is further emphasized with the sensory input from the VR – you can immersively interact with objects. This heightens our emotions even greater in a time of getting a strong hand. The social aspect of VR casinos adds an element of flexibility to gambling. Depending on the day, you can opt for private, isolated gaming or social, communicative interaction.


Unfortunately, VR casino games will require more hardware. Not only will you have to purchase the VR headset, but your PC must also be reasonably powerful. To give a rough minimum requirement: Windows 7 or above, 8gb+ RAM, Nvidia GTX 970 or better. While this sounds like overkill for a simple casino game, it’s part and parcel of having a VR headset and is nothing more than the average PC gamer already has.

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