What Your Favorite Ice Cream Says About You [Infographic]

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? My first favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip, but Chocolate comes in at a close second. Did you know that your favorite ice cream flavor says a lot about your personality? Ok, maybe not really, but this is all fun and games of course.

The surprising thing is my two favorite flavors, based on the chart below, fit my personality to a tee. Hmm… Maybe there really is more to this than I realized. We just love those little personality tests, don’t we? We’ve published so many of them on Bit Rebels before. The best ones were the Mac People vs. PC People and the Dog People vs. Cat People. This one about what our daily preferences reveal about our personality was truly fascinating to me.

It’s also fun to think about what our least favorite ice cream is as it relates to this. My least favorites are Rocky Road and Coffee, and according to this, those are least like my personality too. I wish I really liked French Vanilla, but that ice cream flavor always seems a little boring to me. What happens if you don’t like ice cream at all? My mother doesn’t like to eat anything cold, so she won’t eat ice cream. I wonder what that says about her personality. Thank you for sending this to me @gupshupblog!

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Your Favorite Flavor Ice Cream

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