Who Almost Got Cast In Your Favorite Movies? [13 pics]

It’s always interesting after we fall in love with a movie to learn which actors and actresses were originally cast but didn’t make it into the film. I just read today that O.J. Simpson was originally cast in the first Terminator movie in 1984. Whoah!! Did someone have a premonition back then or what? Who would have guessed he would turn out to be a for real Terminator?

Will Smith as Neo in The Matrix? Hmm.. I can actually picture that one. However, Jerry Maguire would not be the same with Tom Hanks and no way, no how could anyone other than Jodie Foster play the leading role in Silence of the Lambs. Can you believe that Michelle Pfeiffer turned down the role because she said it was too violent?

I think Kevin Costner is great, but Air Force One would not be the same without Harrison Ford. He’s just made for those kinds of movies, don’t you agree? I could actually picture George Clooney playing the role of Hancock instead of Will Smith, but that is probably just because I could picture George Clooney playing any role in any movie. Haha Check out these movie posters that feature people that almost played in these movies. I love watching movies, and this kind of stuff is so much fun to me. Of course, I can’t verify that every one of these is legit, but hey, the Photoshop job is so good, they are still worth sharing either way.

[Image Source: The Chive]