Why Is Social Gaming Big On FaceBook?!

The growth of FaceBook has been tremendous the past several months.  Most of the people I have conversed with often times say that they hate the casual games being played there.  But if you really look closer, what they really dislike is the way people have been flooding their homepage with gaming updates.  Me, I really don’t mind that my friends play games on FaceBook and share about it on the homepage, but I know others do get overwhelmed.  I will tackle that later on.

Social Gaming is big on FaceBook.  The main reason is because it is fun and addicting.  If you view the fan pages or even the app pages of the games by Zynga or PlayFish you will see the amount of visitors they have.  The monthly active user stats are staggering and the reason for this is that gamers are able to play in a social situation.  They can give gifts, on yoville, for instance, one can even converse with other players.  Plus the developers are making sure that users go back to play their games by giving fun incentives like new recipes to cook, gifts for Valentines, Christmas, etc… I believe that Social Gaming is here to stay! I have added a slide show that was shared to me by a friend.

And to go back to the issue of gamers flooding the newsfeeds…  If you feel that people are unfriending you or that they are complaining about your game playing, you can adjust the application settings where you are given the option to share your game update or not on your homepage.  Just click on the settings found at the right top corner of the screen and click disallow automatic posting.  Simple and easy to do.