World’s First Holographic Concert Was Held In Japan!

There is no doubt that technology is advancing at a record speed. A few years back I was somewhat involved in developing a 3D generated band for a Swedish television company named TV4. The project was finished and a DVD and a CD were released along with a single. As you can understand, the band wasn’t exactly a hit, but they showed the possibilities of what could be achieved back in those days. Technology has come so much further today that there is no doubt anymore about whether or not we will have true holographic generated images and movies.

As a matter of fact, in Japan, they have already had their first holographic concert. The artist was Miku and the jam packed arena was totally jamming to the 3d generated holographic artist song. So much so that it became such a hit on the Internet that more concerts are already being planned.

It comes as no surprise that the first country in the world to hold a holographic concert is Japan. However, what is surprising is that most of the audience would rather go to one of these concerts rather than a concert with a real artist. The technology behind this truly amazing concert is not yet known, but some speculate they are using see-through glass to project Miku anywhere on the stage. Her voice is completely computer generated using a few human samples as a base for pronouncement and flow. I think it’s badass, but I’d rather go to a real concert. #JustSaying