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The game World of Warcraft continues to maintain primacy in the genre of MMORPG games. The multimillion audience of Blizzard Entertainment manages to keep the release of new expansions that add a lot of new content. During the last 3 years, two large add-ons have been released and the growth in the number of players has been fixed within 30%. The first one is called “Legion”, the second “Battle for Azeroth” and it was recently introduced to the game with the current patch 8.0.1.

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Many Significant Innovations

Expansion “Battle for Azeroth” tells the story of the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance. Two factions recalled past grievances after the invasion of the Burning Legion and started a war. The maximum level of character was raised to 120, players of the Alliance will have to raise it on the mainland Kul-Tiras, and Horde representatives on Zandalar. The developers have introduced 4 Allied races, which will become available when the player has reached the exalted level of reputation with them.

The game introduced a large story mode called “War Campaign”, a new game mode called “Warfronts” – PvE battle for 20 people with the capture and arrangement of the territory. The dungeons were divided between the factions, the Alliance and the Horde received 5 pieces each. The “Heart of Azeroth” necklace has come to replace the artifact weapons. Thanks to this item, a separate storyline is associated with it, some equipment items with special azerite powers can be endowed with additional properties.

With the introduction of a new expansion to World of Warcraft, the internal game store has not gone away, where a number of services can be ordered for real money. This includes changing the name, gender and race within the faction to your character, the transfer from the Alliance to the Horde and vice versa. Here, users can purchase an instant character upgrade to level 110 to master the content of the Battle for Azeroth add-on.

Inside the store, game time is sold, World of Warcraft is distributed according to the Pay-for-Play scheme, users must renew it every month. Players can also buy mounts, helmets for transmogrification, and pets that cannot be obtained by other methods.

Universal Service To Help All Players

The services in the official game store are very limited; users can not get specific help in the game. For example, get all the necessary items of TOP equipment from actual raids or make for yourself a priority in obtaining specific necessary things (jewelry, accessories). The player also can’t guarantee himself getting a mount if it drops during the completion of high-level dungeons, raids. It is all about luck, but there is an option to fix that situation.

Online store Bestboost.Club can guarantee the completion of all the above services to each player. The service has been on the market for more than three years and is officially registered by a legal entity. Here only reliable payment methods are used; thousands of users have already experienced their cooperation with Bestboost.Club and have left reviews on the site. The resource provides a full range of services – from killing the main boss of the current Uldir raid to getting mounts with the content of previous expansions.

The online store began its activity from the expansion “Mists of Pandaria”, gradually expanding the number of services and staff. Now the site has a group of professional boosters, which provide the shortest time to complete all orders. Users can contact the operator at any time and discuss their problem within World of Warcraft, the administration will find a way to help each client. That is why Bestboost.Club is the market leader in services in this sector and the site receives dozens of orders every day.

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