WTF: Bikini Woman Freaks Out At Burger King

People are freaking crazy. There, I said it. No really, they are. No wonder I stay in my house on my computer surfing the Internet all day, it’s the only safe place to be. Oh, you think hanging out on the Internet is dangerous? Um… have you been to Burger King lately?

I don’t know why I love writing about these stories. I guess it’s just because they make me laugh, and laugh and laugh some more. A few months ago, I wrote about the woman who stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife when he didn’t want her to see his Facebook page.

She told the police it was an accident, and I can understand that. Many times in my own life I’ve had a sharp knife in my hand and accidentally used enough force to insert it into another person’s flesh. It seems totally reasonable to me. Then, there was this woman who chased her roommate around the house with a pair of scissors and beat her on the head with a piece of wood because she thought she ate her Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Hey, I can understand that one too. You really do take your life into your own hands when you mess with someone’s Thin Mints.

However, this Burger King incident that happened a few days ago might possibly be over the edge. Kimesa Smith entered Burger King, along with her friends, dressed in a bikini, while on Spring Break in Panama City. After getting frustrated over waiting 20 minutes for her Whopper Jr. and french fries, she jumped up on the counter and started throwing things (including drinks and plastic bottles) at the employees, pulling their hair, screaming and basically acting like a maniac. Of course, she was promptly arrested.

When asked about it, she said, “When I walked in they had no smiles on their faces. We weren’t treated fairly. If I knew what was gonna happen, I would’ve gone to Taco Bell.” See, I told you. People are crazy. This is the little smartphone video that someone sitting in the Burger King shot while the whole thing was happening. You can hear him say in the background, “This is the best spring break ever.

Woman Attacks At Burger King

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