WTF: Man Washes His Shoe With His Tongue

Before you go any further with this article, I need to warn you that if you are easily disturbed by completely disgusting things, you should probably not continue. I mean, really. I originally saw this video a week ago when it first hit YouTube, and since it almost made me throw up, I decided then not to write about it. However, now that it’s gone viral, I figure it’s my duty to put it on Bit Rebels. Besides, if I have to gag over this, you should too, right?

When you first see this, you aren’t going to believe it. Like me, your eyes will probably be glued to the screen while you feel your stomach churn. Just so we can be clear, yes, this is a guy washing his shoes with his tongue. He’s making them spit and span. Eeewww….

What’s even more interesting to me is the story behind the video. Some people spend years trying to create YouTube content that goes viral. They try over and over again in hopes that they finally figure it out. The guy that recorded this little video on the train earlier this month, transitaboo, has never posted anything on YouTube before. Bingo, his first video goes viral. Nice! He even posted a poem he wrote, I thought it was definitely worth sharing here.

The Shoe Licker Poem

So there I was, minding my own business, in my seat on the train.
Reading ads that zoomed by and passively listening to the repetitive announcements again.
When I noticed the guy across from me, laughing awkwardly, and staring down yonder.
WTH could it be, I wonder.
So, I proceeded to follow his eye’s path and was amazed at what I saw.
There it was, in plain sight, was a man sitting quietly next to the middle door.
Ferociously polishing his Sunday’s best, like nothing was wrong.
Dumbfounded when he took off his shoes and began washing it with his tongue.
A wise and clever passenger, could not think it unfair.
For me to take out my camera and start recording right there.
And that’s exactly what I did.
It surely served him right.
You can’t expect to spit and clean that shoe.
And don’t expect a small red light.

You are scarred for the whole day now that you watched this, right? Hey, I warned you.

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Image Credit: [Zametalov / Shutterstock]