Zombie Army Men Inspired By The Walking Dead

Omg, reeeeally? I’m getting some of these zombie army men, even though they are ridiculously expensive. If you’ve been reading my articles for a while, you may know I don’t watch TV. I haven’t in years. The reason is simply because I have yet to find anything on television that entertains me as much as what I can find on the Internet. All that changed with The Walking Dead though. I kept seeing our guest writers here on Bit Rebels write about that show over and over, and everyone always seems to be talking about it. So, I finally decided I had to check it out.

I watched episode 1 of season 1 (Netflix) a few weeks ago. Long story short, I watched the entire season on a Sunday. Now it’s my Sunday ritual – I watch The Walking Dead, and I look forward to it all week. It’s the best show ever, and I’m up to episode 8 of season 2. Before long, I’ll be caught up to season 3 which is on television now. I avoid all spoilers so I can get the full effect. I’ve been wondering all along why zombies are so popular, and now I get it. It’s because walkers are so freaking awesomely gross, rude, nasty and obnoxious.

When I saw these zombie army men inspired by The Walking Dead, I knew I had to share them with you because they are so brilliant! How fun would it be to have a row of these on your desk? These pictures are a bit low-res, but it’s all I could find. These zombie army men come in two colors, and they are about the same size as regular army men figures. This is such a creative way to update the classic army men that we all remember when we were kids. These zombie army men cost $14 for a pack of 10 (eeek!), and you can order them at Gentle Giant, LTD.

Now You Can Get Your Own Walkers – Zombie Army Men



Via: [Cool Material]