10 Superheroes Primed For Avengers 2

Sequels, Assemble! Yeah, like anyone was really surprised that the mega blockbuster hit The Avengers has already been tapped for a sequel. Not only did the movie rock everyone’s socks off, but it made over 1 billion dollars so far. Eat it, Harry Potter!

As a lifelong comic book geek, the Avengers movie was pretty much perfect for me. I’m a huge Captain America fan, and the Avengers was always one of my favorites. I completely loved the team dynamic, the action sequences, the humor, and of course, the fights.

I’ve only seen the film twice so far, but I’m beyond pumped for the sequel. I can’t wait to see Avengers Mansion (or is Tony Stark building an Avengers Tower perhaps?) and most importantly, the roster. Over the past five decades of the comics, the biggest thing about the Avengers is that the team is always rotating in new members. While I love the movie’s lineup of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, I really hope they introduce one or two new recruits in the sequel. Who should make the cut? Here’s my best guess at who may be joining Earth’s Mightiest Heroes next time around.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen The Avengers yet, you may want to stop reading here as some minor character spoilers follow.

Dr. Pym gets enormous

Giant Man

At some point, they just have to introduce the brilliant-but-mentally-unstable scientist Hank Pym. He’s played a lot of superheroes over the year, but the powerful and monstrously tall Giant Man would make for some killer action scenes. Plus, he was on The Ultimates, which The Avengers movie is closely based.

Janet Van Dyne in costume

The Wasp

If Hank Pym’s around, his wife can’t be far behind. With her ability to shrink down in size, fly and shoot bio stings, she’d be a great complement to Giant Man.

A God and an Avengers


While you don’t need more muscle if you already have Thor, the mega powerful Hercules is always great for a laugh, and there’d certainly be some hilarious friction between him and the God of Thunder.

The feline Greer Nelson


Black Widow’s a perfect blend of sexy and dangerous. But the team could use another female to round things out. The catlike Tigra would easily add more sex appeal to the film, as well as a little more danger. Plus, how funny would it be seeing her hit on Cap?

Cosmic hero and Avenger


Considering Thanos seems to be the big bad guy setup for the sequel, you’d have to think the Avengers will be battling the big purple baddie off in space. And that means they could use some cosmic muscle to back them up. Someone who’s all too familiar with the mad tyrant Thanos.

Blonde and buff Carol Danvers

Ms. Marvel

Having another super strong blonde on the team who can fly would be great. Especially if this one was of the female variety like Carol Danvers here. Plus she has some big ties to S.H.I.E.L.D. in the comics, so she’d be a natural fit.

Thanos loving brother Eros


I’ve never been a fan of the character (He’s kind of like a really horny Cupid), but he is Thanos’ brother, so chances are he’ll show up in the sequel.

Robotic Victor Shade synthezoid

The Vision

Everyone loves androids, so how can you not have this awesome synthezoid on the team? It’d be great to have him show up near the end of the film, setting up Vision’s creator (Ultron) as the next big baddie!

Hulk's cousin Jennifer Walters


We finally just got the movie Hulk we’ve been waiting for (Thank you, Joss Whedon!), but it’d be so neat to see a female version show up in the sequel. It doesn’t even have to be Bruce Banner’s cousin, just have someone dying, let Bruce give her a transfusion and BAM She-Hulk is born!

Prince of Atlantis Sub-Mariner


This one’s the biggest longshot for a sequel, but putting the Prince of Atlantis in an Avengers sequel just opens up so much! Besides introducing a whole new world under the sea, the mere dynamics between the hot-headed and arrogant Namor and the rest of his team would be worth the price of admission alone!

Who do you think will join the team in Avengers 2?

Image Credits: [Marvel.com]