15 Wacky and Fun Uses for Duct Tape

What is the deal with duct tape? It’s one of those inventions that I just don’t understand. It’s the ugliest, bulkiest, most hard-to-rip tape I’ve ever tried to use. Most guys I know get excited about duct tape, but I don’t understand why. Maybe you can enlighten me on this because I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything wrapped in duct tape that didn’t make me cringe.

After sitting at a red light yesterday next to a car with an entire window made out of duct tape (and fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror – for real), I was suddenly struck with the inspiration to write a post about some uses for duct tape that actually make sense to me.

Now these are some duct tape uses I can get excited about!

1. Keep people quiet during a bank robbery

Duct tape is perfect for robbing a bank – gangsta style

2. Cover your exposed butt crack

The “plumber butt” is not an urban myth, it’s real. I know this because these people have been to my house many times. Cover that nastiness up, please. It’s not pretty. Keep in mind; it’s not a good idea to reuse the duct tape after it serves this purpose.

3. Buy your sweetie a dozen duct tape roses that won’t die

Here is a website where you can buy duct tape roses for your lover: http://www.ducttapefashion.com It’s the perfect way to say, “I’m stuck on you!”

4. Make a homemade band-aid

Have you ever gotten a blister on your toe when out in the woods hiking? Don’t have a band-aid? No worries, just grab your trusty duct tape and create your own band-aid.

5. Make a strapless bra to hold your girls in place

This isn’t so farfetched! The movie stars all use tape to hold their girls in place in those fancy dresses, why not us? Who needs that special tape when you can use your good old fashioned duct tape? I even found an article that explains exactly how to make a duct tape strapless bra: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Duct-Tape-Bra

6. Instant babysitter for your little one

There is no need to hire a babysitter when you have duct tape. Just tape your child to the wall and go! You’ve created an instant babysitter sure to make Jerry Springer proud!

7. Lint brush yourself

This is the only useful way to use duct tape that I have ever personally experienced. Wrap the duct tape around the palm of your hand (sticky side out) and rub it on your clothes. This makes a great lint brush in a pinch!

8. Secure the luggage… err… the cardboard boxes on top of your car

Who needs to spend money on a luggage rack when you have duct tape? Tape those puppies down and feel the need for speed with complete confidence that your valuables are secure.

9. Catch bugs

Duct tape makes the perfect bug catcher. Hang a few strips around your windows and doors and those flying, pesky little nuisances will never bother you again.

10. Create a homemade mailbox

Do you need a new mailbox? Let your creativity run wild with a few household items including duct tape. There are so many sophisticated designs you can consider.

11. Make a temporary hem

Don’t lie, you know you’ve done it. Who needs a needle and thread when you can just fold up your pant leg on the inside and duct tape that sucker down? Viola, instant hem!

12. Wrap up your iPhone

What could make a more perfect and affordable iPhone case than duct tape? You’ll never have to worry about getting your phone mixed up with anyone else’s ever again.

13. Create the perfect girdle

Are you having a little trouble fitting into your favorite dress? Haven’t you heard the news? Duct tape works better than any girdle you can buy. Just have a friend wrap your mid section really tight with a roll of duct tape (if you can’t breathe well, it’s perfect). I read about this here. You‘ll be able to fit into your favorite dress. Or, better yet, just make your whole dress out of duct tape!

14. Keep you focused at work

Are you having trouble staying focused? Strap that mouse to your hand with some duct tape and you’ll be forced to sit there and finish your project. Pain is a great motivator.

15. Make a pair of emergency sunglasses – this video says it all

As you know, I always give credit for images in my articles; however, most of these pictures have been floating around the web entertaining people for years, and I don’t know who the original sources are. I can give credit to that cute girl in the duct tape dress – http://highhopesgardens.com and to http://www.oddee.com for the iPhone pic. Thank you!