20 Geeky Star Wars Tattoos For The Ultimate Fans

We write a lot about tattoos on Bit Rebels. If you do a quick search for tattoos on this site, you you’ll find some of the wildest wackiest tattoo related posts you’ve ever read. It’s hard to believe that as much as we love Star Wars, we’ve never written an article about Star Wars tattoos.

As we’ve said before, Star Wars and Star Trek lovers are some of the most devoted fans on the planet. We’ll do anything to get in that mindset to experience the magic. However, would you get a Star Wars tattoo? Is that a little bit extreme? I suppose it depends on who you are asking.

What might seem ridiculous to one person is geektastic fandom to another. I could maybe; just maybe see myself getting a tiny little green yoda tattoo in a private place. After all, I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but I don’t think I would ever consider getting any tattoos quite like these. Some of these are really neat, and the colors are fabulous. Others, like the cleavage tattoo… Um, in a word, no. What’s your opinion? Are you a big enough Star Wars fan to ever consider a Star Wars tatoo? Call me crazy, but I think this Millennium Falcon and Death Star ear tattoo is kinda neat!

Star Wars Ear Tattoo

Darth Vader Arm Tattoo

Lightsaber Finger Star Wars Tattoo

Luke Skywalker Back Tattoo

Star Wars Beach Back Tattoo

Black Darth Vader Back Tattoo

Darth Vader Stormtrooper Back Tattoo

Geeky Star Wars Arm Tattoo

Huge Colorful Star Wars Tattoos

Geek Star Wars Arm Tattoo

Star Wars Arm Tattoo

R2-D2 Star Wars Leg Tattoo

Geek Star Wars Colorful Tattoo

Yoda Lightsaber Star Wars Tattoo

Chewbacca Family Star Wars Tattoo

Colorful Star Wars Arm Tattoo

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