3 Brain Teasers to Drive You Nuts

I’ve always loved brain teasers and optical illusions. They often leave me feeling dazed and confused, scratching my head in disbelief.

They are fun because they remind us of two very important things:
1) Not everything our eyes see is real.
2) Just because our eyes don’t see something doesn’t mean it is not real.

Our brains work using the concept of “expectation”. Our eyes support that. It’s the reason why we are able to piece together bits of information constantly, all day long. However, some things are not always as they seem. Nothing baffles us more than when we question one of our five senses. Here are three very cool brain teasers to completely drive you nuts!

Okay, this one will freak you out!

This one will freak you out even more…

Last but not least:

I saw this awareness test below get passed around on Twitter for about four months. It’s an oldie but such a goodie!