3 Of The Least Painful Places To Get A Tattoo

For many people, the main thing holding them back from getting a tattoo is the fear of the pain that will come along with the process. While tattoos can be extremely painful, the pain that one will experience when getting ink from a studio like Certified Tattoo Studios often depends on a few factors, including the location of the tattoo.

Whether you’re preparing for your first tattoo or just want some new ink, there are a few ways to avoid pain, including researching parts of the body that hurt less than others. Pain is part of the process (and fun) of getting tattooed for many, but if you are worried and want to avoid pain as much as possible, here are a few of the least painful places on the body to get some ink.

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1. Calves

Your lower leg is fairly fleshy, making it one of the least painful places to get tattooed. This is a good spot for first-timers or beginners without much tattoo experience, due to the lowered pain level as well as the fact that it is relatively easy to cover tattoos in this area. If you can commit to wearing shorts or loose-fitting pants in the days/weeks following a tattoo appointment, it is also relatively easy for a calf tattoo to heal correctly as the area can be left alone.

2. Outer Bicep

The outer area of the upper arm is usually fleshy or muscular,  both of which are good for reducing pain levels. Generally speaking, the fleshier an area is, the less pain will be felt there due to fewer nerve endings and more of a cushion between the skin and the needle. If you have a bit more muscle, this will also help reduce the pain significantly.

3. Outer Thigh

One of the fleshiest areas of the body for many people is their outer thigh. There are also very few nerve endings in this area of the body, making it the perfect place to get a larger tattoo that would hurt elsewhere. the top of your thigh or the outer side is fleshy and has few nerve endings. This is a perfect spot for anyone wanting a highly visible or large tattoo without experiencing much pain, as many experienced tattoo artists and tattooed people have reported that thigh tattoos hardly hurt in comparison to other areas of the body.

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