5 Ingeniously Esoteric Movie T-Shirts You’ll Want To Own

Just like high-end fashion labels, there are a variety of ‘in your face’ movie t-shirts on the market that scream “look at me!” by having a well-known brand plastered across the front. Examples which initially come to mind are Batman, Superman and Back to the Future logo t-shirts, and although not movie related, you’d do well to go to a party or music festival and not witness someone wearing the ubiquitous Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Brand t-shirt.

On the other side of the spectrum, the character Sheldon Cooper from the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory draws a guilty pleasure from knowing others around him are ignorant of his life pursuits. The t-shirts he wears are an extension of this amusement because they provide a method of rubbing his knowledge in everybody’s face without them even being aware of it. Nothing quite satisfies Sheldon as much as an intellectual or uber-geeky in-joke that only he and a handful of others [sometimes just him in fact] understands.

After all, the word ‘geek’ is used in-part to describe a non-mainstream set of people, so the ultimate geeky t-shirt should by its very definition be esoteric in nature; something the mainstream will not understand and only the minority actively interested in the subject will ‘get.’ So, if you prefer your movie t-shirt to be a little more subtle – yet still convey your inner movie geekiness – there are a number of options available.

5 Ingeniously Esoteric Movie T-Shirts


Big Kahuna Burger

Surely a must-have out of all the movie t-shirts for any Tarantino aficionado would be this Big Kahuna Burger t-shirt. It reminds us that hamburgers are “the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.”


Arc Reactor 

My personal favorite of the movie t-shirts bunch is this Iron Man t-shirt. It can be worn with full effect either by itself on a hot summer’s day or underneath a shirt [with a couple of buttons undone] on a cool autumn night.


Flux Capacitor 

From a movie that helped define the 1980s, this flux capacitor t-shirt will resonate among many sci-fi geeks of Generation Y.


Speaker City

Those that are hardcore fans of Old School [or even Vince Vaughn] are sure to make the connection with this t-shirt. Everyone else will just assume you actually work at a store called ‘Speaker City’.


Alan Baby Carrier 

From one of my favorite comedies of all time, this t-shirt is sure to raise a smile among fans of The Hangover and completely confuse anyone who hasn’t seen it.


Which movie t-shirts are your favorite?

Image Credits: [8ball]