7 Books And A Magazine That Will Thrill Any Geek!

I love books. I have a collection of books that I go through for reference and for inspiration. I also like reading books for entertainment. My sister loves to read too, and she has a collection of books that she keeps in her room. There are stacks and stacks of them. I remember she even had to give away some of her favorite ones when we moved to our new home two years ago. Good thing now she has gotten herself a nook (eReader)! For my sister Gerry, reading is something that she takes pleasure in. I believe it really allows her mind to soar, and in turn, allows her to be more creative. It is also her source of relaxation.

I believe reading widens the horizon of a person. We just need to open the pages and use our imagination. It can truly allow us to get into the writer’s shoes so to speak. Every weekend my brother, sister and I journey to the bookstore just to check out the new titles that have been released. Of course, we have our own favorite sections that we like. Mine are art, design, and comics. However, what if you are a geek at heart and would like to get your hands on some cool geeky inspirations? I found some that I hope will thrill any geek at heart. If you want to check out the other titles available, you can go to Think Geek.

Main Image Source – I Love Books

Geeks Guide To World Domination – it’s our turn to rule. Learn everything you need to know as a true geek, so you can be part of the ruling class when we take over the world. You know it’s going to happen, so why not be on the winning side?! Sells for $11.99.

Star Wars Mini Collector Vehicle – All metal, highly-detailed vehicle from Star Wars. Each vehicle comes with an equally detailed (lots of pics) magazine.Great for the Star Wars collector and/or trivia buff.  Sells for $17.99 each.

Star Wars Cook Book – Book of 25 recipes inspired by the Star Wars movies.  Make Greedo’s Burritos, Boba Fett-Uccine, more!  Sells for $15.99.

Gallop! A Scanimation Picture Book – Employing the patented technique of Scanimation, this book is a great way to introduce your geeklings to movement and animation. Each page has a different animal moving on the page. It’s a marvel to behold.  Sells at $10.99.

Geek Dad –  DIY with your Kid and/or Dad! – Brimming with endlessly fun and futuristic tidbits on everything from gaming to gadgets, GeekDad helps every tech-savvy father unleash his inner kid-and bond with the next generation of brainiacs.  Sells for $16.99.

A Girl’s Guide To Dating A Geek – A girl’s gotta learn the proper way to approach, interact, and care for her geek. These pages are invaluable to learning how geeks develop, what they talk about, and how to integrate your geek into the rest of the world.  Sells for $16.99.

Mind Hacks – Book of tips & tools for using your brain.  Cognitive neuroscience for everyone!.  100 hacks to make you better, stronger, faster.  Sells for $22.99.

How To Take Over Teh Wurld –  A LOLcat’s guide to winning at life.  Written by Professor Happycat.  2 LOLcats to make you LOL (of course)  Sells for $10.99.