7 Useful Geeky Gifts To Make Your Holiday Wish List

It’s that time of year again when we go dashing through the Internet to surf for geeky gifts that will make us jingle with joy. From cyberculture toys to gaming laptops, we want to make our geeky friends’ noses glow with happiness when they see the gifts we bought for them. Let’s not forget how much we love to stuff our stockings with holiday cheer and handy travel gifts that will keep us geeking out for the rest of the year. Searching for gifts that stay true to our inner geek and that are also kind to our wallets is not always the easiest of tasks. As the holiday season approaches, the itch begins to find geeky gifts to make our own wish list so we can share it with family and friends (since they don’t have the superpower to read our minds just yet).

However, we never want to settle for flimsy gadgets that don’t wow us, and not just any old geeky gifts will do (we have standards). We want gifts that make our collections shine, add character to our living quarters and most importantly, we desire gadgets that will add to our lives by serving us in ways that can be nifty and convenient. Now is the time to start making a wish list and checking it twice or to begin chopping down your list by being the elf in your favorite geek’s life. Instead of slaying dragons, put down the sword and pile up your sleigh for an unforgettable holiday season with these 7 useful geeky gifts.

7 Useful Geeky Gifts To Make Your Holiday Wish List


1. Fancy Narwhal Plushie

A Narwhal, mustache and monocle OH MY… the Fancy Narwhal Plushie is one of those triple threat geeky gifts that will add something unique to that special someone’s stocking this year. Choose from an array of colors. Even a Narwhal needs a cuddle.


2. Mini Fridge, X-Treme Geek USB

We spend an awful lot of time at our computers for work and of course for play, and in that time we get parched repeatedly. Admittedly, we get entrenched by what we are doing, whether it is socializing, typing or gaming. Our drinks can get flat or warm, and neither one of those results are appealing. While using your computer, you can now have a mini fridge to add character to your desk, but more importantly, to keep your beverages cold.

The red and white retro-style Mini Fridge, X-treme Geek USB connects to your computer with its attached USB cord, and it keeps your 8oz juice or soda can refreshingly chilled. To keep true to being a refrigerator, an LED lights up when you open it, and there’s four feet of cable so you can move around easily without losing the cool temperature of your drink.


3. Little Printer

While we further our unity with technology, printers are still too much of a space hog. Although, thankfully many have decreased in size. There is none smaller than this little printer though. Using their smartphone app of the same name, it becomes much like a remote, enabling you to choose the printer to print “publications” of your choosing. This can range from the puzzle, photo or word of the day to what your friends are saying. You make the selections within the app, and you choose what connections to the Internet you want to make in order to create your very own personalized newspaper.

This Little Printer holds a compact, inkless thermal printer and comes with a bridge unit so you can connect wirelessly to the web. You can easily place this printer anywhere you have an outlet. Taking visual cues from traditional halftone lithography and modern pixel art, this printer prints in black ink. No matter what information you are printing; a to-do list, recent updates from Foursquare, or the latest gossip from your friends, the print will look great. Its creators at Berg have also ensured that you won’t need a replacement model or updated versions since you will receive any upgrades to the printer via the cloud.


4. Rubik’s Cube Style Mug

This Rubik’s Cube Style Mug makes for a great stocking stuffer and is perfectly aligned for those who love puzzles. This is the world’s most treasured puzzle of all, and its curved lip will make for easy drinking and a great way to start your mornings.


5. Alienware M18x Laptop

Okay, so this is one of those geeky gifts that leans a little more to the expensive side, but with that said, everyone at some point yearns for a new laptop come holiday time. However, this is not your average laptop.

The Alienware M18 is designed for hard-core gamers, and depending on the holiday budget you have tucked away, you can customize this epic laptop to ensure you receive the best personalized quality gaming experience possible. Make sure that the many hours you have spent upon your gamer’s journey do not get wasted. Not only is this designed for you to win victoriously, the Alienware M18x looks amazing. It ranges in specs since that allows you to customize it to your gaming needs, so your speed remains top-notch. Level Up!


6. Glowing Life Bar Necklace

Every day we play the game of life, so for us ladies out there who are also avid gamers, this Glowing Life Bar Necklace makes for the perfect gift, and it glows in the dark!


7. Mini Hard Drive USB Drive

The Mini Hard Drive USB Drive is an external hard drive that connects via USB and looks like an internal computer hard drive. It lights up with LED lighting on the outside when transferring information to and from your computer.


Any one of these geeky gifts will delight the geek in your life, or put a smile on your own face during this holiday season!

Header Image Credit: [Shopify]