7 Steampunk Spider-Man Concepts

Italian artist, Denis Medri, is at it again! A month ago he gave the Internet his Rockabilly Batman characters. This time around, he mashes Spider-Man characters with the steampunk genre. Denis Medri has an incredible conceptual sensibility. He immediately sets the Spider-Man characters right into a new world.

Once again, he makes me wonder why this hasn’t been done at Marvel yet! Comic books that feature the X-Men often see the team take trips into alternate dimensions, parallel universes and divergent futures… but the Spider-Man books? Spider-Man Noir, sure. But, is there anything out there, by Marvel, that’s set in an alt-universe with a steampunk aesthetic? Something between Neil Gaiman’s “1602” and the Marvel Noir line of books? Nothing comes to mind (comment below and enlighten me, I’m a glutton for alternate world story lines).

Spider-Man is designed with a web-shooter belt device, and his youth is wonderfully captured. The Venom symbiote skins Eddie Brock like a dandy, and just look at that awesome vest and top hat. Green Goblin has the prolific steampunk goggles in his design, and it makes sense, what with the whole gliding around the city causing havoc theme going on. Just look at Doctor Octopus’s doo-hickey doo-dad contraption that controls his steam-powered limbs, or Scorpion’s back canister of acidic chemicals with its thematically perfect tail-hose, which is both so diabolically cool… and dangerous. Vulture, done in this style, just can’t go wrong, but if his wings are anything like the earliest attempts at getting off the ground, then Vulture’s in trouble! Finally, there’s Rhino with his welded iron armour shell, and I’ll be honest, this is the only Rhino design that doesn’t make me roll my eyes at the character’s conceptual absurdity.

I can’t wait to see what Denis Medri comes up with next!

Spider-Man Steampunk Denis Medri

Venom Concept Steampunk Denis Medri

Green Goblin Steampunk Denis Medri

Doctor Octopus Steampunk Denis Medri

Scorpion Concept Steampunk Denis Medri

Vulture Concept Steampunk Denis Medri

Rhino Concept Steampunk Denis Medri

Image Credit: [Denis Medri on DeviantArt]